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34 Pictures That Show That 2016 Wasn't A Terrible Year After All

There were a few achhe din as well.

Not everything that happened this year was terrible. Just remember that…

1. This aunty gave away roses to bank employees to thank them for their tireless work.

2. These Sikh men served tea and food to people waiting in the serpentine ATM queues.

3. This Indian-Pakistani couple fought the odds to have a glorious beach wedding.

The Wedding Filmer
Sergey Bespalov

4. This sign from the Delhi Pride summarised our feelings this year.

5. This monkey adopted a stray dog, forging a friendship for life.

6. These little girls dressed as Sushma Swaraj proved to us that it's cool to have women in government as heroes.

7. This girl adorably won hearts when she was caught sleeping through a cricket match.

8. This six-year-old skater girl from Mahabalipuram taught us to always strive to be badass.

9. This man danced with complete abandon when he heard his party leader made it to the Union cabinet.

10. This girl found her dog again with the help of Facebook.

11. This random stranger crowdsourced money for this blind man's braille typewriter so that he could write his IAS exams.

Jaya Naga Mohan Manda

12. This airhostess was awarded for doing her job right and taking care of a mentally challenged child on her flight.

13. This publication fed the hardworking Chennai police force for their exhaustive work post Jayalalithaa's death.

14. This book seller had a good laugh when he tried selling Shilpa Shetty's own book to her.

15. This woman united the internet to buy this ATM security guard a bicycle after his got stolen.

Tanvi Jain

16. This little sorting hat spider was discovered in the country.

17. This single tweet from Sushma Swaraj’s husband showed us new #relationshipgoals.

18. This photographer showed us how beautiful we are when we smile.

Jay Weinstein / Via Facebook: soIaskedthemtosmile

19. This little pupper was given a new lease on life after being thrown off the roof by heartless men.

20. This old man fulfilled his dream of meeting the Royal Family.

Indranil Mukherjee / AFP / Getty Images

21. This granny had the time of her life on a swing.

22. This total baller paati got her groove on even at the age of 92.

23. This woman shut down an arranged marriage prospect when he asked her to give up her dog for him.

Karishma Walia

24. This puppy made the most of his treat.

25. This moment when Arnab Goswami broke through his tough reserve to have a good chuckle on his show.

Times Now

26. This tortoise managed to get on with his baller life after his amputated leg got replaced by a wheel.

Arun Sankar / AFP / Getty Images

27. These latest canine recruits to the Delhi Police made the city a lot cuter and safer.

Hindustan Times / Getty Images

28. These Indians and Pakistanis lovingly showed their support for their neighbour's teams.

29. This old uncle made summers cooler by offering free buttermilk to people in a scorching Hyderabad.

30. This 86-year-old grandmum dressed up as an actor, doctor, scientist and more to fulfill her childhood dreams with the help of her granddaughter.

Jasmeen Patheja
Jasmeen Patheja

31. This cancer patient was surprised on her birthday by Amitabh Bachchan.

32. This kind Sikh man took off his turban to save a drowning dog.

Caters Clips
Caters Clips
Caters Clips

33. This 9-year-old made a library for underprivileged kids to have a chance to read.

Room To Read

34. And this kid reminded us of true happiness.

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