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These Two Women Are Fighting Misconceptions About Feminism Through A Hilarious Comic Series

In case you have a friend who still needs to be reminded of the meaning, these women have made it easier for you.

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"I started this as a response to a very drunken ‘accusation’ of being a bad feminist. I thought it would be more productive to channel it into something that would show what my beliefs are and serve as a tool to show people that there’s a spectrum under which they can fall," Hazarika told BuzzFeed.

"I do think a lot of feminists are constantly learning and examining their stands, and to have their journeys seen in a comic is (I hope) comforting," Jogi told BuzzFeed.

"When you say you’re a feminist, people automatically club you under the ‘Feminazi’ label — which is perhaps why a lot of women tend to distance themselves from the movement."

Pia Alize Hazarika/Malathi Jogi / Via

"We hope [the comic] is also able to remind us gently why we can and must reclaim feminism," she added.

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