29 Memes That Perfectly Understood Your Mental Health

    LOLing through my tears.

    1. When you need excuses.

    2. When you're all booked up.

    3. When you're ridiculously savage to yourself.

    4. When your anxiety doesn't let you be.

    5. When you just have to, but you'd rather not.

    6. When everything conspires against you.

    7. When everything is planned around holding it together.

    8. When your memory suddenly decides to play villain.

    9. When you walk a fine line.

    10. When you get real AF.

    11. When you don't cut yourself any slack.

    12. When you find something real to bond over.

    13. When shit hits the fan.

    14. When you're dwarved by your issues.

    15. When you're nowhere close.

    16. When you're given shit advice.

    17. When you find refuge in stress eating.

    18. When you're able to laugh at your problems.

    19. When you find existential dread literally everywhere.

    20. When you know you're made of more than just anxiety.

    21. When you're beyond repair.

    22. When you embrace the year and your issues.

    23. When you're checked for getting wrecked.

    24. When your high-functioning side tries to take over.

    25. When you try being optimistic.

    26. When you have uninvited guests.

    27. When you put on a brave face anyway.

    28. When you realise you have the best friends.

    29. And when you see the light at the end of the tunnel.