50 Reasons Why Australians Are The Luckiest People On Earth

    Australia is known as The Lucky Country. Here’s why the 1964 book had it right

    G'day Australia!

    50 years after The Lucky Country's publication, here's 50 reasons why the book still makes sense.

    1. We wake up to this every morning.

    2. Or alternatively, this.

    3. And then we move to this.

    4. Or on weekends this.

    5. We keep relaxed hours.

    6. We don't overcomplicate things.

    7. Winter looks like this.

    8. Spring like this.

    9. Summer like this.

    10. Autumn like this.

    11. Christmas Day like this.

    12. Our weather basically rocks.

    13. Where would you rather be?

    14. On our national day, when we are all off work, we still get the beach to ourselves.

    15. When you have 10,000+ beaches, there's usually a spare bit of sand to get the towel down on.

    16. Britain it's not.

    17. Even our cops get in on the fun.

    18. So what else have we got going for us? Well, we're one of the most multicultural nations on Earth.


    19. Resource rich, we've got one of the world's strongest economies.

    20. A long way from anywhere, we're one of the safest countries too.

    21. Standing by your mates is our most important national characteristic.

    22. Mateship helps us cope with the occasional natural disaster.

    23. All Australians are equal in the eyes of God.

    24. We're happy to share our luck.

    25. And our wheels. Our hitchhikers are always up for a laugh.

    26. Did we mention that E.T. wants to have our babies?

    27. What about the calibre of our former leaders?

    28. The character of our current leader?

    29. The vision of our future leaders?

    30. Basically our democracy is the envy of the world.

    31. We live with remarkably few restrictions on our liberty.

    32. Which gives us lots of time to pull off shit like this.

    33. And this. See? Life is sweet.

    34. We have an informal approach to footwear.

    35. An informal approach to workwear too.

    36. An accommodating approach to dress generally.

    37. Thongs are even sold in vending machines.

    38. We have a relaxed approach to alcohol at sporting events.

    39. An accommodating approach to unusual games.

    40. And the greatest non-alcoholic beverage on Earth if you're not drinking.

    41. With plenty of room to grow cattle, we enjoy the world's best BBQs.

    42. And the tastiest goodies.

    43. Lucky Brides get Lamington wedding cakes!

    44. Everyone loves Freddo Frogs. But Caramello Koalas even more.

    45. We take Aussie values with us wherever we go.

    46. Whenever we come home, our hearts soar when we wake up to this.

    47. Most days ends with a sunset at least as good as this.

    48. See?! WOW!

    49. Yep, we're blessed.

    50. See?!