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    25 Jokes About Working Out That Are Funny Because They're True

    "Just stopped in the middle of my run to pet a golden retriever puppy, am I doing fitness right?"

    1. The slow-and-steady-wins-the-race approach:

    2. This blatantly honest answer:

    3. This hard-hitting truth about workout motivation:

    4. This post-workout ritual:

    5. These best-laid plans:

    6. This moment of painful regret:

    7. When it feels like time is actually standing still:

    8. This moment of beautiful satisfaction:

    9. This ~shocking~ realization:

    me: i'm gonna start eating right and working out *doesnt do either* weight: doesn't change me:

    Touché, body. Touché.

    10. This morning workout routine that's not exactly wrong:

    11. This very serious and honest question:

    Just stopped in the middle of my run to pet a golden retriever puppy, am I doing fitness right?

    Side note: He was a very good boy.

    12. When you realize that you are indeed a true champion:

    13. When your workout ends a little sooner than you'd planned:

    I'm not saying bring the stretcher. But I'm not saying don't bring the stretcher.

    14. This sweat-inducing cardio workout:

    Just got 30 minutes of cardio trying to pick up an ice cube from the kitchen floor.

    Damn, did I earn that rest day or what?

    15. When you realize the gym isn't as empty as you thought:

    16. This momentous occasion we all look forward to:

    17. This #fitspo we can all get behind:

    Drinking water & working out everyday so that I'm prettier than everyone who has ever wronged me

    OK, fine. I know there's other reasons to work out. But this one is particularly motivating.

    18. When the music gods answer your prayers:

    19. This well-deserved self praise:

    20. When you realize exactly why squats are so important:

    21. When you're just trying to take full advantage of your gym membership:

    Suing my gym because they won't let me drink wine in the hot tub


    22. When you could maybe be a slightly more enthusiastic workout buddy:

    23. This honest confession:

    Just got back from running 10 miles! Okay, 7 miles. FINE 3 miles. Or...1 mile. Okay okay I ran a block. Jogged. Walked. I fell off my couch.

    Well, if you're going to get technical about it.

    24. This post-workout snack:

    Me: I just finished my workout I should eat something healthy Me to me: eat a full pizza, you earned it

    *Calls Dominos on speed dial.

    25. And this crystal clear logic: