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29 Faces All Highly Sensitive People Will Immediately Recognize

Yeah we'll be fine... as long as there's no cute puppies, sad movies, or Adele. Definitely no Adele.

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[Editor's note: A Highly Sensitive Person, HSP, is someone who is extremely responsive to his/her environment, including sensory stimuli (bright lights, strong smells, loud noises) and social stimuli (other people's emotional states, violent movies, overwhelming situations). HSPs are characterized as being easily affected by other people's moods, sensitive to stimuli, and easily flustered by overwhelming or time-sensitive situations. Some research shows that around 20% of the population identifies as this.]

1. When you hear that your friend got stood up by their date last night.

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2. When someone tells you all the details of their recent breakup.

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3. And when you can relate to literally everything they're saying even though it didn't happen to you.

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4. When someone tells you to stop acting like it's the end of the world.

5. When your friend insists on renting a scary movie and you know what that will do to you.

6. Whenever you're asked to make a decision on the spot.

7. When someone is taking a really long time to text back and you're emotionally invested in this conversation.

8. When someone asks you why you care so much about what other people think.

9. Any time you try to watch Law & Order SVU.

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10. Whenever someone labels you as a pushover because of how willing you are to do things for others.

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11. When you accidentally say something that has even the slightest potential of offending someone.

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12. Any time you're subjected to honking cars, gum snapping, loud construction, or a cellphone that someone refuses to put on silent.

13. When you're sitting on your couch minding your own damn business and the Sara McLaughlin ASPCA commercial comes on.

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14. When your favorite character in a show dies and life as you know it feels like it's ending.

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15. When someone tickles you, literally anywhere.

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16. When a friend says they're fine, but you KNOW they're not fine.

17. When someone notices you worked your ass off on something and gives you a compliment.

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18. When you find out about a group chat that you weren't on.

19. When any sad song comes on the radio, no matter who you're with, or what you're doing.

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20. Whenever you have to experience an awkward situation, whether it's in a book, on TV, or in real life.

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21. When someone taps you on the shoulder when you're least expecting it.

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22. When you realize you're more invested in a friend's relationship than they are.

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23. When you get to the part of the book where the main character makes it out alive and you realize life is going to be okay.

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24. When you have to sit in a waiting room with ridiculously excessive fluorescent lights.

25. Any time you think you've let someone down, disappointed them, or not lived up to their expectations.

26. When you're out with your best friends, doing something you enjoy, and everyone's having a good time.

27. When someone gives you a weird look.

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28. When you spend 20 minutes in a Bath & Body Works and your head is about to explode from all the different scents.

29. When someone tells you to toughen up and stop taking things so personally.

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