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Here's What Actually Happens When You Start Lifting Weights

Welcome to Swole City. Population: You.

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3. Your palms have never looked gnarlier.

It’s like the barbell gave you a few hickeys.


5. Random bruises start showing up all over and you really have no idea how they got there.

But you secretly think they're pretty cool.

6. Cardio starts to become more and more of an afterthought.

I'll do my reps faster. How's that for cardio?

8. And you realize you'd rather wake up early than have to wait in line for the weights you want.

Shannon Rosenberg / BuzzFeed

*Hits snooze*

*Is hit by the realization that waking up now means all the machines will be free.*

*Leaps out of bed.*


10. You strongly consider the possibility of creating an elaborate home weight room. / Via

Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and curl, amirite?

11. Everything — your bag, groceries, laundry, people — starts to feel a LOT lighter. / Via

Lightweight baby!


14. And your selfie game has never been stronger TBH.

*Flips hair, flexes, instagrams*

15. Your t-shirts start to get a bit snug in the arms.

In the most amazing way possible.

16. And your jeans are feeling tighter in the thigh area.

Killer quads > skinny jeans


17. You learn that there are actually MUSCLES in your BUTT.

Who knew?

18. Your life starts to revolve around your feeding schedule.

tracy benjamin CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: shutterbean

There's your pre-workout shake, your during-workout bar, your post-workout snack, lunch, after-lunch snack ... yeah, on lifting days mealtime is all the time.


23. Your clothing purchases have taken a unique turn for the neon and spandex.

Can't stop won't stop.


25. It dawns on you that feeling strong is basically the best feeling you’ve ever had.


26. And you're pretty sure you're an actual fucking superhero tbh.

Do some squats, some deadlifts, and then take on the world.