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    Posted on Oct 22, 2017

    22 Weird Sensations That Some People Find Sexy

    Nothing like the smell of the laundry detergent aisle...

    What ~gets you going~ can be totally different from what turns another person on, or maybe it's not. It's hard to know since it's really not that often you get to hear what puts other people ~in the mood~.

    So we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the uncommon and surprising things that turn them on. Here are some of the incredibly specific sensory experiences that they told us (and to be clear, we're talking about stuff being done by/between consenting adults):

    1. Hearing the sound of a heart beating.

    MGM Hanna-Barbera / Via

    “Even the thought of a human heart does stuff for me, but it’s especially the sound. I know most people like laying their head on their partner's chest and all that, but I literally want to fuck someone while a loud thumping heartbeat audio is playing in the background. I actually need to experience hearing heartbeats in order to orgasm.”


    2. Getting drawn on with a pen.

    Laughing Gif / Via

    “It equally relaxes me and turns me on. It doesn't matter what they draw, just the sensation itself is enough.”


    3. Listening to words with stop consonant sounds. / Via

    “They get me especially when someone is whispering them — example words are: cut, cap, pat, back, tap, etc.”


    4. Feeling turbulence on an airplane.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    “The vibrations from the turbulence feels amazing and so does the thrill from when the airplane is descending. It sounds crazy, but it's a serious turn on for me.


    5. And feeling the rush from an airplane taking off. / Via

    “I know it’s going to happen every time the plane takes off down the runway. Good thing I can put a jacket or book over my lap so no one knows what’s going on, lol.”


    6. Feeling the dry skin and calluses on feet/toes being licked.

    Disney / Via

    "I really get in the mood when someone licks, bites, and sucks on my toes, but it has to be one at a time. Getting a pedicure literally turns me on and I won’t be able to stop thinking about having sex. It’s a daily thing for me. But oddly enough, I hate other people’s feet and want nothing to do with them."


    7. Smelling fresh-cut grass and sawdust. / Via

    “It can be slightly inconvenient that I actually get horny anytime I smell freshly cut grass. I don’t know what it is, but it’s every time I smell it. It’s a lot rarer that I smell sawdust, but that really does it for me too.”


    8. Being tickled. / Via

    "Some people hate getting tickled and think it’s torturous. But I think it's the rush of sensation that you can't escape that appeals to me. It’s sort of like the overload of sensation you get right before you come."


    9. Listening to the rubbing and tapping sounds in ASMR videos.

    BBC One / Via

    "The rubbing and tapping sounds along with the whispering in my ear turn me on every time. Sometimes I'll masturbate with the rhythm or with the same flow as the sounds. This plus the hand movements and the breathing you hear is just downright sensual. While ASMR videos can be used for just relaxation or sleep, some people use it's relaxing qualities to finally reach orgasm! I think about it anytime I'm feeling tense, stressed, or horny. These videos can help me wind down and relax in the best of ways."


    10. Feeling the cool air from an air conditioner on hot summer days.

    Cheezburger / Via

    “When the air conditioner turns on during the summer, and the house is closed up and a little dark, it oddly gets me going. Maybe it’s the smell of the cold air plus the contrast of the cold air with the outside summer heat. I really don’t understand it.”


    11. Feeling cold hands on skin.

    Disney / Via

    “When someone puts their cold hands on my skin, I shiver and am instantly turned on. Even if my own hands are cold, and I put them on my skin, I’ll get turned on. It’s so weird, but hey, to each their own.”


    12. Ears being blown on.

    ESPN / Via

    “When someone blows into my ears, I immediately get horny. The sensation always sends tingles down my back and I can’t help but be in the mood.”


    13. Watching paint-mixing videos. / Via

    "I get really turned on when I watch paint mixing videos. The sounds and blending of the colors make me wet for a reason I don't know how to explain. I don't need to watch paint mixing videos to orgasm, it's more of a form of foreplay before I get into masturbating. When I scroll through my Instagram and see a paint mixing video I'll save it for later use. I usually look at them right before bed."


    14. Feeling ears being cleaned with Q-tips.

    “Scratching the insides of my ear with a Q-tip feels AMAZING. The relief that it brings me is an orgasmic experience and it actually makes me horny. I’ve masturbated after using a Q-tip many times.”


    15. Smelling laundry detergent.

    ABC / Via

    "I can't walk in the laundry aisle at the grocery store without becoming aroused."


    16. Scraping a toothbrush against teeth.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    “I have no idea why. When I hit those back teeth I get a sexual charge and goose bumps. It’s so strange. P.S. Going to the dentist doesn't do it for me.”


    17. Getting a cosmetic facial.

    Bst2012 / Getty Images

    “I get a facial every two weeks and it gets me aroused every single time.”


    18. Standing at the edge of a cliff or another place of great height. / Via

    "I get this impulse to jump, which is completely at odds with every instinct for self-preservation I have as a human being. For some reason, that feeling of being so close to oblivion really does it for me."

    —40/Female/Mostly straight

    19. Feeling hair being washed and cut.

    FOX / Via

    “It doesn’t matter who’s washing and cutting my hair, I will get turned on. I think it’s the sensation I get from someone playing with my hair and slightly tugging on my scalp that makes me horny. The thing is I’m definitely into men, so sometimes it feels strange when it’s a woman washing and cutting my hair and I’m all of a sudden in the mood.”


    20. Listening to string music.

    View this video on YouTube

    “Something about the rich sound just turns me on. I'm the Vitamin String Quartet's biggest fan.”


    21. Feeling incredibly jumpy, terrified, or scared.

    FOX / Via

    "I figured it out during a visit to a haunted house where they did a lot of mind-fuckery instead of jump scares and having someone get inside my head just really did it for me."


    22. Listening to intense guitar solos or the sound of Led Zeppelin playing the guitar with a violin.

    Mosh Cam / Via

    "Anytime certain songs come on the radio, or when I’m at a rock concert, I’m put in the mood. I think about it uncomfortably often."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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