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25 Ridiculous Locker Room Stories You Won't Believe

Used tampons on the ceiling. DIY nipple-piercing. And so much more.

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Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their craziest/weirdest/funniest locker room stories. Here’s what they said:

1. "People would throw wet (sometimes used) tampons up onto the ceiling and occasionally they would fall down out of the blue."

2. "Nothing like the taste of sweaty feet after a workout."

"I was once in a locker room after a workout with a younger woman who got naked, sat down, brought her foot up to her mouth, and started chewing on her toenails. Nothing like the taste of sweaty feet after a workout, apparently." —Stephanie Dawn, Facebook

3. "My little sister saw a lady brushing her pubic hair just out in the open a few years ago. She then used the same brush on her head hair..."

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—Ashley Fraser, Facebook

4. "He ran a nipple-piercing station in the girls locker room."

"There was a huge scandal because a boy had set up a nipple piercing station in the girls' locker room during lunch periods when teachers weren't there and he'd DIY it. He eventually got caught." —Bella14

5. "Someone once took a dump in another person's shoe and threw it across the locker room floor. It left a brown trail on the floor...this was in high school. I needed an adult."

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—Luke Farache, Facebook

6. "They sat stark-naked on the floor painting each other's toenails."

"I was at the community pool with my children for swim lessons. Their lessons ended the same time the senior citizen aquatic class ended. When we walked into the locker room I saw two ladies sitting on the pebbled cement floor stark-naked, facing each other, and painting each other's toenails." —susansmithh

7. "I was getting ready to go do some laps in the pool, and I looked over and saw a lady rubbing a stick of deodorant in between her butt cheeks. She then asked me if she had missed any ~spaces~."

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8. "He had one leg up, trimming his butt and balls hair."

"I once saw a middle-aged guy, totally naked, with one leg up on the sink counter, trimming the hair between his balls and butt in front of the mirror. He was quite hairy, and he was letting all of the hair trimmings just drop down onto the floor." —Matthew Hayes, Facebook

9. "Two months ago I sat in the sauna at my local gym and witnessed one woman rub body oil all over herself, one sit on the floor doing arm exercises, and TWO women slathering HONEY all over their torsos. HONEY."

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—Frasia Logan, Facebook

10. "Skid-marked underwear landed on my face."

"Apparently, someone thought it would be funny to pick up a crusty, dingy, skid-mark-covered pair of underwear with the broom and chase other girls around with them in the locker room. After this person grew tired of playing around with the skiddy skivvies, they decided to fling them over the lockers. Unfortunately for me, I looked up just in time to have them come flying over to my aisle and LAND ON MY FACE." —Aliscia Boyd, Facebook


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"Middle school locker room, I wrapped up in my towel and sat on the wooden bench thinking I had plenty of towel under my butt, slid forward and ended up with a two-inch wood splinter lodged in the side of my asscheek. I'm flopping around, screaming, being laughed at because I was also the token fat girl that everyone made fun of, and this one really thin girl that tried so hard to make my life a living hell already asked me what was the matter and I screamed 'THERE IS A PIECE OF WOOD IN MY ASS,' which apparently was not the right thing to say." —Drea Rockett, Facebook

12. "A few of my teammates once had a queefing contest."

I played a lot of sports growing up, and the locker room before and after games was always ~interesting~. A few of my teammates once had a queefing contest in the locker room, for instance. They could do it on command, very impressive. —Carolyn Kylstra

13. "One time this guy was naked, had the towel cloaked around in a Batman-esque fashion, then whipped the towel away, yelled "supercock!" and flopped his dick back and forth via pelvic thrust."

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14. "She showed me the yeast infections under her boobs."

"I played sports all through middle school and high school and so did a girl in my class who insisted on wearing up to five sports bras at a time. This wouldn't be so bad if she ever washed them and didn't openly talk about (and show off) the yeast infections that would break out under her breasts. The smell still haunts me." —kelseycr0709

15. "In the school locker room a girl literally took off her underwear, lifted her leg onto the bench, and began to change her tampon, right next to me. The bathroom stalls were literally 10 feet away."

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—Lauren Michelle, Facebook

16. "She was comfortable swinging her boobs all over the place."

"Multiple times I fell victim to an older woman (mid-seventies) singing gospel hymns naked from the waist up. She always had a towel around her waist (which would confuse me, knowing that she was obviously comfortable swinging her boobs around all over the place). She would pick a person, zone in on them, and serenade them with these unintelligible hymns." —Kelly Timmins Thomas, Facebook

17. "After a long workout I was excited to get in the hot tub after the shower when I was surprised by a naked elderly man sitting on the edge of the hot tub, legs spread, clipping his toenails. Haven't slept a good night since."

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18. "People repeatedly flushed the toilet to wash their butt."

"I used to work at a gym and have seen people shave their pubes in the sauna, shower naked with the shower curtain open, and wash their butts by straddling the toilet bowl and repeatedly flushing so the water splashes up like a bidet." —emilyk49678289c

19. "I walked into the locker room at the gym I go to and find a man with one foot up on the counter blow-drying his balls in front of the mirrors, completely naked."

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20. "The woman did naked push-ups in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirrors."

"My first time in the grown-up locker rooms (over 15 years old), this older lady came out of a shower stall completely covered in towels and a terry cloth robe on top, clearly trying keep her body private — or so I thought. As I left the locker room I saw her stand in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirrors, take off every towel, squat down on the floor, spread-eagle, and do push-ups in front of the mirror. I wanted to go back to the kiddie lockers." –natrulis

21. "At the gym I witnessed a woman remove her used pad and place it on the bench in the communal changing area. After that I stopped sitting on those benches."

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22. "The boys would create Axe bombs in the girls' locker room."

"In middle school boys would stick pencils in the top of their Axe body spray bottles to create an axe bomb in the girls' locker room. We all ended up smelling like prepubescent boys." —maddiec4d6851d6b

23. "Attached to the locker room there's a sauna, and as I was getting dressed I look over and there's this naked lady with unruly pubes doing bicycle crunches."

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—Massiel Tinoco, Facebook

24. "He started doing the Irish jig, naked and soaking wet."

"I was on the football team. After we won a game, we were obviously celebrating and in the showers this guy on the team starts doing this Irish jig naked and soaking wet, while the rest of the team is doing the ole chant. It was the most hilarious thing I have ever witnessed." —brianallenl

25. "I once saw a bunch of naked ladies sharing sushi in the women's locker room sauna. Naked. Sushi. Steaming. Sauna. Let that sink in."

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—Carolyn Roach, Facebook.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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