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10 Facts About Blacking Out That Actually Make So Much Sense

An explanation for all those nights you can't remember.

Ever go out drinking one night and wake up the next morning with absolutely no recollection of what happened?

Everyone knows drinking too much can lead to a blackout. But nobody really understands why.

When you drink, alcohol affects almost every single part of your brain.

Most parts of your brain can develop a certain amount of tolerance to alcohol, which is why sometimes you can function completely fine even when you're blacked out.

But the hippocampus can't build up long-term tolerance. And blacking out happens when your hippocampus is literally incapable of creating memories.

There are two types of blackouts: fragmentary blackouts and en bloc blackouts.

The odds of blacking out are much much higher when you reach a high BAC quickly.

Some people are just predisposed to blacking out more frequently.

And research shows you'll probably black out more easily if you're drinking wine or liquor as opposed to beer.

So when do the lights go back on? That's usually a matter of time and sleep.

Certain medications and drugs can make it more likely — and more lethal — to black out.

Blacking out can be extremely dangerous. Like, a lot more dangerous than people think.

Bottom line: Blacking out is not a good place to be, so please pace yourself when drinking.

Stay responsible, and happy drinking! 🍻