Teach Yourself To Do A Headstand In 5 Moves

    Challenge yourself to get upside down. It's a great party trick.

    So you want to do a headstand...

    First, make sure your body is ready to attempt a headstand. You can strengthen your upper body and improve your flexibility with these moves here.

    Once you feel confident that you're ready to give it a go, Jess Blake, yoga instructor at YogaWorks NYC, suggests you practice the following five moves. When you first start out, do these moves against a wall or have a friend spot you to reduce the risk of injury.

    Headstands are great for party tricks, facing your fear of falling, and taking really cool photos for Instagram (amongst many other things.) So get started! You got this.

    1. Come into table top position.

    2. Clasp your hands and place your head on the mat.

    3. Move into half-forearm headstand position.

    4. Kick your legs up and hold the headstand.

    5. Slowly and with control, lower your legs to the ground one by one.

    Here's Jess doing the full forearm headstand.

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