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31 Things That Sound Fake To Anyone With Big Boobs

Wearing a bikini top and not having underboob, sideboob, ALL the boobs.

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1. Wearing a strapless bra without having to hike it up every five minutes.

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2. Working out and not having all of the boob sweat.

3. Finding a comfortable bra that actually fits and isn't hideous.

4. Running, jogging, or even speed-walking anywhere without wearing a sports bra.

5. Wearing a button-down shirt without it busting at the seams.

6. Doing a full crunch.

7. Wearing a bikini top and not having underboob, overboob, sideboob, all the boobs.

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8. Successfully taking a bath with your entire body submerged.

9. Hugging anyone shorter than you without them getting a face full of tatas.

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10. Wearing anything with no back.

11. Or cute lacy tops and bandeaus.

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12. Walking down stairs without bracing yourself.

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13. Making it through a meal without spilling food on your boobs.

14. OR getting food lost in your boobs.

15. Going a whole day without someone accidentally touching them.

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16. Wearing a low-cut top without the girls coming out to play.

17. Getting through a high-intensity workout without injuring yourself or someone around you.

18. Going braless anywhere, anytime, EVER.

19. And wearing a top with a built-in-bra, lol.

20. Online shopping without stressing over which size is actually going to fit your chest region.

21. Lying on your back and being able to see the TV over your boobs.


22. And lying down comfortably on your stomach.

23. Making it through an entire day without taking your bra straps off.


24. Or surviving 24 hours without getting massive indents on your shoulders.

25. Jumping for joy, ever.

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26. Wearing anything loose-fitting and not looking like a lamp shade.

27. Wearing long necklaces without them getting sandwiched between your goodies.


28. Being able to borrow any of your friend's tops, jackets, bras, bikini tops — basically anything that involves fitting your breasts.

29. Finding a comfortable way to wear your seatbelt.

30. Venting about your boobs without being told you're humblebragging.


31. And last but not least, going a whole day without playing with them.

Because in the end, despite the struggles, you know they're pretty awesome.

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All boobs are great boobs.