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25 Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Big Boobs

Go ahead, ask us if they're real one more time.

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1. "Ugh, I wish my boobs were as big as yours."

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Do you want the back pain, the not being able to find bras in your size, and the inability to jump without knocking yourself out too?


5. "You should really consider wearing sexier bras."

Sorry, we really need the coverage and support so that our boobs don't just jump ship and expose themselves one by one.


9. "What size T-shirt do you want?"

Guys, it is actually impossible for us to know what size T-shirt will fit the girls until we've tried it on.

10. "When you get bored do you ever with them?"

Yes...actually, yes, we do.

11. "What are you going to do when they start going south?"

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We're going to go braless every damn day and wave them around in all their saggy glory. That's what we're going to do.


23. "Ooh, try on this cute button-down!"

We've been over this before, people.

Then again, sometimes the glass is half full.



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