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25 Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Big Boobs

Go ahead, ask us if they're real one more time.

1. "Ugh, I wish my boobs were as big as yours."

Apatow Productions / Via

Do you want the back pain, the not being able to find bras in your size, and the inability to jump without knocking yourself out too?

2. "Actually, OK, maybe not THAT big."

Warner Bros. Television / Via

We're so glad you let us in on that conclusion you've come to.

3. "Seriously, can you share some with me!?"

ABC / Via

How is that ever going to happen? But, yeah, sure.

4. "You know how many things I could fit in just one of your bra cups??"

Screen Gems / Via

A full-sized elephant? A baby humpback whale? The Titanic pre-iceberg?

5. "You should really consider wearing sexier bras."

6. "Stop hiding those things! You need to flaunt what you got!"

CBS / Via

We really don't know if the world is prepared for that.

7. "Whoa, boobs are out tonight!"

NBC / Via


8. "Are you seriously complaining about having big boobs right now?"

Yes, and as long as we have back pain, all the boob sweat, and endless shopping struggles, it will continue.

9. "What size T-shirt do you want?"

10. "When you get bored do you ever with them?"

11. "What are you going to do when they start going south?"

Universal Pictures / Via

We're going to go braless every damn day and wave them around in all their saggy glory. That's what we're going to do.

12. "So how much do you think they weigh?"

Comedy Central / Via

Wait hold on let us get our special boob scale.

13. "I bet that backless top would look amazing on you!"

NBC / Via

Hope you're excited to see our bras then!

14. "You could just wear a cute bandeau!"

Shannon Rosenberg

Until they make them in special gravity-defying form, we’ll pass.

15. "Do you ever get things lost in there?"

NBCUniversal / Via


16. *Literally anything said while someone is making direct eye-to-boob contact.*

FOX / Via

Um...up here?

17. “Have you ever considered getting a breast reduction?”

ABC / Via

Have you ever considered minding your own damn business?

18. "Why aren't you wearing a strapless bra with that?"

FOX / Via

Because gravity.

19. "OK, let's start with some jumping jacks!"

Universal Pictures / Via

*Grabs boobs in preparation*

20. "Those things probably make the best pillows."

You'll never find out.

21. "Damn, I couldn't even fit those in my hands!"

NBC / Via

Well, it's a good thing we didn't offer you the job, then.

22. "You know, I'm actually a boobs guy/girl."

*Cue slow clap* 👏👏👏

23. "Ooh, try on this cute button-down!"

24. "You've totally got the boobs for that dress/shirt/swimsuit."

FOX / Via

Because we all just dress for our chests, right?

25. "But, actually though...are those real?" / Via

Ask us again. Seriously, ask us that one more time.

Then again, sometimes the glass is half full.

Shout-out to all the big-boobed sisters! Keep on keeping on.

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