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19 Reasons Running With Boobs Is The Absolute Worst

It's like running with dumbbells... only they're attached to your chest.

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If you have boobs of any kind (small, medium, large, whatever), you probably know that running can be actual hell sometimes.

1. You'll always wonder if these chest accessories are actually slowing you down.



9. And it sometimes brings on a few stares. HAVEN'T YOU EVER SEEN RUNNING BOOBS, PEOPLE?

11. The most complicated and tumultuous relationship you have is with your sports bra.

Status: It's complicated.


12. Boob chaffing is something you are VERY familiar with.

13. And boob sweat. ALL OF THE BOOB SWEAT.

14. Sometimes you have to double up for your own safety (and the safety of others).

With great power, comes great responsibility.

15. Which literally feels like you're wearing a corset.

17. And when nothing else works, sometimes you just gotta hold 'em down.

18. Getting out of your sports bra at the end of your run is a workout in and of itself.


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