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29 Foods That Actually Make People Horny

I'll probably never be able to look at salad the same again, tbh.

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What ~gets you going~ can be totally different from what turns another person on, or maybe it's not. It's hard to know since it's really not that often you get to hear what puts other people ~in the mood~.

So we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the uncommon and surprising things that turn them on. Here are some of the incredibly specific foods that they told us (and to be clear, we're talking about stuff being done by/between consenting adults):

1. Eating raspberries

"They give me this weird tingle in my mouth that I can only describe as like 'an orgasm in my jaw,' which gets me thinking of orgasms and feeling sexy. It's just raspberries, too — no other food can do this for me. It seems to always get things going. It happens every time I eat raspberries, or see them in the grocery store."


2. Burgers

CBS / Via

"I get seriously turned on anytime my partner eats a burger. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's how messy the burger is, or maybe it's knowing she is comfortable enough to eat something messy like a burger around me. But whatever it is, it never fails to turn me on — whenever we go to McDonald's and she orders a Big Mac I am in heaven. It happens anytime she's eating a burger/talking about eating one."


3. Cookie dough

Thitareesarmkasat / Getty Images

"Sometimes making cookie dough does the trick for me. I think I was really horny one time but couldn't do anything about it at the moment due to the circumstances, so I made cookies to have something to do. Now I have this strange association where I'll go to make cookies and end up aroused. Oops."



5. Cinnamon rolls

"It affects me most when I'm already kinda feeling in the mood. But oh man, a video of a cinnamon roll can always turn me on. I've come to terms with the fact that I have a mild food fetish, and it's kinda weird but okay!"


6. Drinks filled with whole ice cubes

Studiothreedots / Getty Images

"Whenever I drink something with ice I get horny — not kidding. It can't be blended or crushed ice, like in a Frappuccino. It has to be whole cubes."


7. Ketchup

Grafner / Getty Images

"Why ketchup? I really don't know. Maybe it's the way it comes out of the bottle. Maybe it's the texture. I have no clue, but I need it to orgasm and I think about it all the time."



8. Dessert

HBO / Via

"I have an actual dessert fetish. I fantasize about eating cakes, frosting, whipped cream and donuts off of my boyfriend. I think about it probably like once a day since I discovered this about myself."


10. Warm milk from lactating breasts

Opel_ru / Getty Images

"It's just something I've always found incredibly hot to think about. I've never experienced it before, but I definitely have a few go-to fantasies where I do."


11. Strawberries / Via

"I know that it's sounds so strange, but when someone eats a strawberry and their lips wrap around it and you can see their tongue, it's so hot. Especially if they dip the strawberry in Nutella or some liquid substance. Instant sploosh.

It's a pretty common thing I go to in my mind: Partner eating strawberries, partner feeding me strawberries, partner teasing me with strawberries, and then partner eating...not strawberries."



12. Vanilla frosting and pancakes

Vivian Tang / Via

"I was making pancakes the other day and we ran out of maple syrup, so I smeared some vanilla frosting on the fresh hot pancakes with my fingers. Watching the frosting melt got me all hot and bothered."


13. Yogurt with honey

Lilyana Vynogradova / Getty Images

"I have to say the weirdest thing that turns me on is being spoon fed a sexy dish like yogurt with honey. I also like to spoon feed it to my partner, although I prefer if they spoon feed me. I like it because it's a very simple submissive-influenced roleplay."


14. Chocolate pudding

Allyso / Getty Images

"It sounds so weird, but the Belgian Chocolate Pudding from Trader Joe's is the most powerful aphrodisiac I have ever come across. All it takes is one bite to make me moan and make me incredibly turned on."


15. Lollipops

"I know this is a little more common, but lollipops always do the trick for me. If I see someone sucking on one it's hard not to imagine something else. I also feel it even when I just see them lying around."



16. Sushi

E-anjei / Getty Images

"I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the texture of the fish, or how wide you have to open your mouth to fit the entire piece in. I don't need it to come, but I think about it daily."


17. Coffee

"The scent of coffee just turns me on. My boyfriend always smells a bit like coffee, since he shares my love of the scrumptious beverage. I would say I climax harder when a pot is brewing. I think about it every waking hour."



22. Gum

Macey J. Foronda / Charlotte Gomez / Via

"I actually get turned on by chewing gum, whether I'm chewing it or watching someone else chew it. I don't know, maybe because in movies or shows a sexy character chews gum sometimes. It's strange, I know."



24. Peanut butter

For Everest / Via

"For some reason peanut butter can be super sexy to me. I was playing a game with my bisexual friend (who's a girl), and we dared each other to lick peanut butter off of each other. It turned out to be a serious turn on."



Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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