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33 Totally Specific Things That Make Real People DTF

From sushi boats to Ikea furniture, here are the unusual things that get people going.

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Silk sheets, candlelight, a skimpy nightie. These are the things people usually talk about as turn-ons.

But the fact is that what ~gets you going~ can totally differ from person to person. And you don't really hear too much about the more off-the-beaten-path stuff that puts people in the mood.

So, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share what uncommon and surprising things turn them on. Here’s the super-specific stuff they had to say (and to be clear, we're talking about stuff being done by/between consenting adults):

3. Toothbrushes

Ivanmollov / Getty Images

"It's mostly by vibrating ones, and usually if I hear one buzzing while a family member uses it. It's mainly because I use them to masturbate, so the sound puts me in the 'right' mindset."



4. Knives

Pavelrodimov / Getty Images

"If someone is cutting something or whips out a knife for any reason, I'm suddenly so DTF. It happens any time I see a knife. It's not uncommon to see several pictures of knives in my Tumblr likes."


5. Latte art



8. Blue lights on cop cars

Chalabala / Getty Images

"It's an almost instantaneous turn on. One of my ultimate fantasies is getting f*cked on the hood of a cop car with the blue lights going!"


9. Beer on tap

Bogdanhoda / Getty Images

"The sight of the beer and the sound the head makes when it drips off the lip of the glass really gets me going. I was sitting in front of a bartender when he was pouring a beer from tap for me and my back instantly straightened up and I could feel myself getting wet. So weird."



12. Life jackets / Via Instagram: @erinmich82

"Lifejackets when they're pulled really, really tight. Something that really gets my gears going is compression. Not like creepy crush fetish, but like wearing super tight clothes, or latex. If I can barely breathe, it's perfect. Squash me happy."


13. Wet clothing / Via

"I love swimming fully clothed, taking showers with my clothes on, or getting caught in the rain. I especially like seeing other women in wet clothes. I think about it almost every day."



17. Tefillin

Eldad Carin / Getty Images

"At first I thought I was really weird for thinking of it as a turn-on, but I asked one of my friends and she agrees. Tefillins establish the wearer as a Jewish adult (so the maturity factor) and also the way they tighten around the arms is kind of great. I think about it almost every day, tbh."



23. Cars / Via

"It's more specifically the way cars sound, though there are definitely some sexy looking cars. A deep growling car/truck really sends a chill down my spine, makes my scalp tingle, or stops me mid-sentence if I'm talking to someone. It happens every day, especially when I'm driving."



32. Skeletons

Brian Ledwell / Getty Images

"Skeletons are a definitive turn-on for me. I found this out looking at fan art for a fandom and from then on I knew — but it's still weird to even me. I specifically like human and skeleton make out sessions."


33. Lightning

Bgfoto / Getty Images

"Nothing gets me more in the mood than thunder and lightning. If a thunderstorm is in the forecast, I do my best to make arrangements for sex or quality ~me~ time. If I'm in class or at work during a storm it's almost unbearable."


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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