17 Unspoken Gym Rules Everyone Should Be Following

    Take the treadmill right next to me. I dare you.

    1. You're either using a workout machine, or you're on your phone — but you CAN'T be doing both.

    2. Don't choose the cardio machine right next to someone if there are a BILLION others open.

    3. Leave the form-correcting and the coaching to the gym staff, seriously.

    4. And using a towel is nonnegotiable.

    5. Wipe down your area after using it.

    6. The gym is not a pickup spot. No, really, let people work out in peace.

    7. And there's no congregating or taking phone calls in high-traffic areas.

    8. Don't hog all the plates and free weights that you need for your entire workout.

    9. And look, you actually need to put them back where they belong.

    10. There is absolutely NO PEEING in the gym showers.

    11. When you're getting water, take a few sips and bounce so you're not holding up the line.

    12. Checking yourself out and taking mirror selfies in front of someone who's in the middle of a set is NOT cool.

    13. If someone's stuff is on a bench, politely ask them if they're done before moving it.

    14. However, if that stuff has been sitting there for like 10 minutes, it's fair game, people.

    15. If you go to the bathroom, wash your hands WITH SOAP before going back to hitting the weights.

    16. And last but not least, let's try to keep the grunting, the screaming, and the weight dropping to a minimum.

    Alright, lets go and make the workout world a better place!