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16 Charts That Just Might Score You A Promotion

Because going to work should be a lot less work.

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1. For organizing your desk to be productive AF:

From The Huffington Post.
Infographic by Noelle Campbell for The Huffington Post / Via

2. For all those times when you feel like the only twentysomething who hasn't figured it all out yet:

From Funders and Founders.

3. For sending email that people will actually read:

Here's all the info you need on how to be a better emailer.
Alice Mongkonglite /

Here's all the info you need on how to be a better emailer.

4. And for when you're not sure who to send that email to:

From Hub Spot.

5. For cleaning out that damn inbox and making your life a little less hectic:

Take the full cleanse here.
Alice Mongkonglite / BuzzFeed / Via

Take the full cleanse here.

6. For making sure your work/life balance is legit:

From Life Coach Directory.

7. For packing a lunch that's better and cheaper than takeout:

From Lexi's Clean Kitchen.

8. For little ways to feel better about your job, even when you're stressed:

From Office Vibe.

9. For when you need to relieve some stress throughout the day:

From Taskworld.
Taskworld / Via

From Taskworld.

10. For figuring out what type of procrastinator you are — and what to do about that:

From Parcel Hero.

11. For getting the most out of your very short, should be a lot longer, weekends:

From Career Bliss.

12. For posture and hand position tips so that you don't get all the aches and pains:

From Ultimate Mats.

13. For honing those incredibly important communication skills:

From Essay Writing Service Pro.

14. For when you're lacking in the productivity department:

From Office Vibe.

15. For weighing the pros and cons of job hopping:

From Ajilon.

16. And finally, for planning — and actually enjoying — a well-earned vacation:

From Lloyds Pharmacy.
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