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Here's How To Eat For Better Workout Results

Because housing a bag of cheese puffs after your run is apparently not the most productive strategy.

FYI: What you eat before and after exercising can make a huge difference in your workout and your results.

We all need carbohydrates, protein, and fat — aka macronutrients.

But the amount of carbs/protein/fat you need will depend on what kind of workout you're doing.

If you're doing steady state cardio, your pre-and post-workout meals should be heavy in carbs.

If you're lifting weights, you'll want to cut down on the amount of carbs and increase your protein and fat.

Ditto for short, high-intensity workouts:

1. Take your pre-workout meal just as seriously as the post-workout meal.

2. Try to eat your meals within one to two hours of your workout.

3. If you get mega-hungry after you exercise, try scheduling your meals around your workouts.

4. But don't sweat the details, just make sure you're eating mostly whole, minimally processed, foods.

5. Btw, if you have advanced goals or want to calculate any of this on your own, you can do that, too.

Alright, time to get eating!!!