23 Dating Mistakes People Are Making According To Therapists

    I mean, is it EVER acceptable to leave someone on Read?

    Dating can be a special type of shitshow, especially today with texting and every type of dating app imaginable available to you.

    1. Social media/Google-stalking your date ahead of time.

    2. Assuming that after a few dates, they’re not seeing anyone besides you.

    3. Ghosting someone as a way of ending things.

    4. Going on about exes really early on.

    5. Obsessing over whether someone texts you back and how long it takes them to do so.

    6. And taking lack of follow-up after just a couple dates too personally.

    7. Spilling your deepest, darkest secrets on date one.

    8. Revealing major insecurities through self-deprecating humor during early dates.

    9. Thinking there has to be ~intimacy~ on the first few dates in order for them to be considered a success.

    10. Looking down on online dating.

    11. Or only meeting people online and not being open to meeting people elsewhere.

    12. Going into dates with a checklist of things a person needs to meet, in order to make you happy.

    13. Getting pessimistic when a date doesn’t go well.

    14. Or immediately thinking you’re going to marry the person, if things do go well.

    15. Ignoring and making excuses for red flags.

    16. Only communicating through texts or DMs.

    17. Getting drunk during a date.

    18. Not keeping first dates casual, fun, and in a neutral, public spot.

    19. And not putting any thought or creativity into second and third dates.

    20. Being quick to judge someone you’re unsure about, and not giving someone at least two to three dates.

    21. Spending way more time talking than you do listening.

    22. Playing the waiting game and not being honest about how you feel.

    23. Expecting to meet someone you hit it off with right away.