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    19 Things You're Definitely Good At If You're Always Tired

    Give me sweats, or give me death.

    1. Coming up with A+ excuses for why you have to bail on plans.

    2. Resourcefully making a bed out of whatever materials are at your disposal.

    3. Using the ~athleisure look~ to basically wear glorified PJs all day.

    4. Finding innovative ways to hide the dark circles under your eyes.

    5. Being able to fall asleep within a few minutes of starting any show or movie.

    6. Making it look like you're awake and listening while at work/in class, when you're actually stealthily sleeping.

    7. Yawning on command.

    8. Planning your schedule perfectly so you can achieve optimal nap time.

    9. Keeping a constant supply of caffeine on you no matter where you go.

    10. But also drinking multiple cups of coffee and somehow still managing to feel tired afterward.

    11. Pressing the snooze alarm like 10 times without batting an eye.

    12. And therefore, being able to roll out of bed, get ready, and be out the door in under 20 minutes flat.

    13. Fostering relationships with only people who are truly sensitive/understanding of your perpetually tired needs.

    14. Making it seem like you're attentive and participating in a convo, when you're really thinking about how soon you'll be able to go to bed.

    15. Procrastinating and pushing back everything on your to-do list for other ~priorities~.

    16. Creating systems that allow you to reach everything from your bed so you never have to leave it.

    17. Keeping a detailed mental list of what foods and drinks will have you totally lights out in no time.

    18. Resisting the extreme urge to fall asleep when faced with a prime sleeping environment.

    19. And last but not least, actually getting a full eight hours of sleep and somehow still managing to feel tired the next morning.