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17 Inexpensive Workout Products For Anyone Who Wants To Quit The Gym

Being able to get a sweat on when you want shouldn't cost you a fortune.

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So you're looking to get in shape, but you're not really about spending all your time in gyms or workout classes. A home gym would be great and all but... that costs money.

That's why we rounded up a bunch of exercise products you can actually afford. They're all under $100 — with one exception that's a little more of a splurge (but totally worth it depending on the workouts you're looking to do).

Here you go!


4. A kettlebell set that you can use to switch up your routine and build muscle.

If you're new to the kettlebell, here are six simple exercises you can incorporate into your workouts.

Get a set of 15, 20, and 25 pound kettlebells here, for $61.49.


7. A set of resistance bands that will make bodyweight moves more challenging.

These guys are easily washed, stored, and used to make everyday exercises more challenging. They're also great if you're trying to work on your flexibility.

Get the URBN Fit resistance bands here, for $27, and the TheraBand CLX resistance bands here, for $13.

10. A punching bag kit for when you need an ass-kicking cardio workout, or for when you need to just blow off some steam.

It may take up a little more space in your home, but it's easy to set up and take down if you need to store it. This kit comes with a 60-pound punching bag, grappling gloves, and hand wraps.

Get it here, for $80.


11. An agility ladder for working on your speed and fast-twitch muscles.

This is great for anyone who has outdoor space (backyard, driveway, etc.) and is also easily packable if you're looking to take it to the park or the gym.

Get it here, for $28.

12. A pull-up/chin-up bar that you can easily put up and take down around the house.

This bar conveniently rests on the top of a doorway so you can set it up anytime and incorporate it into your workout, or just throw it up to get in some reps while you binge watch. You can also set it on the floor and use it to do some dips and push-ups too.

Get it here, for $27.


16. A balance ball that will improve your strength and stability.

It's a little pricier, but taking into consideration all the exercises you can do with it, it could be worth it. Here's how to use it and a quick 15-minute workout to get you started.

Get it here, for $99.99.