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17 Healthier Desserts That Are Actually Delicious

For impressing everyone including yourself.

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Dessert is a beautiful thing. But it can be packed with sugar and processed crap.

So, we rounded up recipes that are made mostly with whole (or minimally processed) ingredients, smart substitutes, and not a ton of added sugar. They also happen to be delicious and pretty damn good looking, which makes them the perfect thing to bring to a potluck or dinner party or simply make for yourself when you feel like creating a work of art you can eat.

2. Healthy Banoffee Parfaits

Just go ahead and eat dessert for breakfast with this parfait. First you make three-ingredient granola on the stove and then layer it with yogurt. Then, if you're feeling frisky, drizzle some three-ingredient date caramel on top. Get the recipe here.

13. Two-Bite Blackberry Jam Pies

After you mix the five-ingredient dough and let it rest in the fridge, stir together the three-ingredient filling. You need a ravioli stamp and a light touch to assemble each bite, but it'll be worth it once you taste these badboys. Get the recipe here.

14. Fresh Cranberry Crumb Bars

This is sort of a cranberry pie but in bar form. First you'll make the crust and then the filling in a blender, and bake the whole thing before letting it cool and cutting it into bars. Get the recipe here.

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