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22 Of The Funniest Excuses People Have Used To Justify Skipping A Workout

Working out sounds good, but so does making a sandwich.

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We’ve all been there. Skipping a workout just makes you feel too guilty unless you have the ~perfect~ excuse for why you just can't exercise.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the funniest reasons they've used to justify skipping the gym. Here’s what they said:

1. When the universe is talking you have to listen.

"I said I would start my run at 12:00 p.m.. When I checked it was 12:02 p.m., so I figured that was a sign it shouldn’t happen and watched Netflix instead."


2. Because your health ALWAYS comes first.

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"It was cold out, and the gym was too close for my car to warm up on the drive there or I obviously couldn't go and risk getting sick, because if I was sick I wouldn't be able to get a good workout!"

–Danielle Legacy, Facebook


6. Or on an empty stomach.

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"I didn't want to walk down the stairs (where all my equipment is). So I walked down the stairs and made myself a sandwich, then walked back up the stairs to watch Netflix."

–Megan Wilson, Facebook


7. Because you don’t want to meet your one true love unless everything is perfect.

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“I was out of cute workout clothes that emphasized the better parts of my physique, so I threw on a t-shirt and some basketball shorts, and when I walked into the bathroom to see how my hair looked, I thought… ‘What if the guy who I’m supposed to marry is at the gym today?’... I then smiled at myself in the mirror proud of this news, and just shrugged and said, ‘Oh well! Guess I’ll have to stay home instead!’”

Gina Rae

9. Unnecessary showering is totally a hassle. And bad for the environment.

"I had already showered and didn't want to have to shower a second time."

–Bethany Robertson, Facebook

10. Because you absolutely can't work out without the proper attire.

"Purposely forgetting to wash gym clothes!"

–Nafoo Naxim, Facebook


11. There are certain shows that HAVE to be watched live on the TV screen. / Via

"I was going to miss watching The King of Queens on the TV screen. So I stayed home and watched it. I just didn't leave afterwards."

–Becca Marleney, Facebook

12. Because you can't mess with tradition.

"Because if I tried to work out today it would throw off the 'not going to the gym today' streak I've had going my entire life."

–Taylor'Lynn Glover, Facebook

14. Because commitment is a virtue.

"I didn't want to take a break from gluing gems on my My Little Pony cosplay."

–Lauren Marie Brashear, Facebook


15. And should be taken very seriously. / Via

"I have a prior engagement with food."

–Gloria Lia, Facebook

17. Because no earphones definitely means no workout.

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"I drove all the way to my gym, got out of my car, and realized I had forgotten headphones for my iPod… So I just decided to go back home."


18. Because putting time into friendships should be a priority.

"I was too busy trying to come up with a witty fantasy football team name to make fun of my opponent. I wasted almost two and a half hours before realizing and calling that gym day a bust."



19. Because you care about the stuff you own.

"I just got a new leather couch and I was 'afraid' my cat might scratch it."

–Gina-Marie Martinelli, Facebook

21. Sometimes just being awake is a workout in itself.

"It was daylight savings and we gained an hour. I told myself that I had spent an extra hour being awake and walking around, so I didn’t need to work out."


22. Nothing comes before McDonald's breakfast... nothing.

"I work third shift and usually work out after work but one morning due to system issues I got out really late and if I worked out I would miss breakfast at McDonalds. Egg McMuffin FTW."



Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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