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    19 Struggles Of Being A Person Who Can't Burp

    Carbonated drinks are the work of the devil.

    1. Exactly how one burps is an anomaly to you.

    CW / Via

    No really. Is there an instruction manual somewhere that we didn't get?

    2. You've even Googled it a time or two and can't figure out wtf is wrong with you.

    Internet, you have failed us.

    3. And every time you ask someone IRL how to burp they just say "IDK, you just do it."

    Geniuses you all are.

    4. You're actually paranoid that you have a medical condition no one has discovered yet.

    CBS / Via

    Are we a walking time bomb? Doc, just tell us how long we have to live.

    5. Trying to burp just gets you somewhere between a fake cough and almost puking yourself.

    New Line Cinema

    New Line Cinema

    It's not a pretty sight.

    6. Carbonated drinks are the work of the devil.

    It looks so good. But feels so bad.

    7. You have a love/hate relationship with beer.

    All we want is to be able to enjoy a nice cold one, without feeling like our chest is going to combust.

    8. And just one bottle of seltzer water is enough to have you uncomfortable for the rest of the day. / Via

    Just leave us here to diiiiiiiiie.

    9. Your friends and family love to burp around you and tease your inability.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Because it's hilarious that you have gas stuck in your chest at all times. Yeah, we're just LOLing over here.

    10. And nothing is more frustrating than watching them burp on demand.

    Yeah, we get it. You can do it, we can't. And we hate you.

    11. Sometimes you literally pound on your chest to try and force the air out.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    You're basically giving yourself the Heimlich Maneuver.

    12. Or do this weird cough thing, which does absolutely nothing 90% of the time.

    No we know it looks like we're hacking up a lung, but we're just trying to burp over here.

    13. When you really need to burp, working out is the absolute worst.

    Sony Pictures / Via

    Pretty hard to exercise when there's a bubble of gas trapped in your chest, trying to suffocate you.

    14. And every time that you breathe in, it just feels like you're adding to the discomfort.

    Disney / Via

    We would stop breathing and all but...

    15. People offer to burp you, but like... / Via

    We are GROWN human beings. We refuse to be burped like a child.

    16. But sometimes it's so bad you think it just might be worth it?

    So embarrassing... but would feel sooo good...

    17. Once every 2-3 months you will burp out of nowhere and it is so. fucking. satisfying.

    Apatow Productions / Via


    18. You actually feel like a new person.


    19. But then it's straight back to your normal not-being-able-to-burp hell.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    Well, shit.

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