17 Graphs That Will Help You Understand Your Extroverted Friends So Much Better

    Goals: Meet all the people, talk about all the things, and have all the fun.

    1. People don't always ~get~ extroversion.

    2. It's not that you hate alone time, it's just that you only need it in very small doses.

    3. You may have a little bit of trouble keeping things in sometimes.

    4. You're basically the reason your friend group exists.

    5. And social calendars would probably crumble without you.

    6. Your Sunday game has very little chill.

    7. No person is off-limits when it comes to having a good, quality conversation.

    8. Honestly, you're pretty easy to please.

    9. Despite what other people think, dating can be rough for an extrovert.

    10. There are some things that are especially frustrating to you.

    11. And there's one assumption that you'd like to officially retire.

    12. And yes, you do think before you talk.

    13. Not hearing from people is a struggle.

    14. You always have a backup plan...and a backup plan for the backup plan.

    15. Let it be known: We do not hate introverts! We just find them confusing AF.

    16. Sometimes you just need to talk to all the people.

    17. But at the end of the day, being an extrovert is really pretty awesome.