Here's How To Actually Start Exercising Again

    Don't be afraid.

    1. First of all, don't go HAM right out of the gate.

    2. In fact, start out by doing about half of what you were doing before you stopped.

    3. Do not beat yourself up for your exercise hiatus.

    4. Remember that being out of shape actually means quicker results!

    5. And btw being out of shape every now and again is a totally normal thing.

    People tend to think of being in shape as a "linear thing," says Kneeland, where once you get in shape you stay that way forever. But in reality, people experience varying degrees of fitness over the course of their lives. So being less conditioned than you'd like to be at a given time is as much a part of life as being in shape is. What's awesome, says Kneeland, is that the body is super adaptable at any age, meaning that you never lose your ability to gain fitness, no matter how out of shape you get or old you are.

    6. OK, true, those first couple weeks back might be kinda rough.

    7. So, focus on all the good short-term benefits of that first workout back.

    8. Go ahead and plan for setbacks so you can try to avoid them.

    9. Be realistic about how long it'll take to feel and see results.

    10. Maybe try something new and different this time around.

    11. Make sure your diet supports your fitness goals.

    12. In the very beginning, consider even a single workout in a week great progress.

    13. If you don't know where to get started, try BuzzFeed's month-long Get Fit Challenge.