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This Runner Trained Through Her Pregnancy Hoping To Qualify For The 2016 Olympics

One week after giving birth she was back to working out.

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A season of training for Rio was in her sights. Then she discovered she was pregnant.

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She explained on her blog in September that the pregnancy was a surprise.

Brown had been using a copper IUD, which is more than 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. She said that despite having felt like she had a specific and solid plan for the year to come, "life has bigger challenges and blessings in store for us..."

She continued, "And as for the Olympic trials? You better believe I will still be training."

And she did. Brown chronicled her training on her blog and Instagram.

The five-part ESPNW docuseries Run Mama Run also followed Brown through her third trimester of pregnancy.

Her first race since finding out she was pregnant will be the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon, on July 7, according to People.

Instagram: @sarahmb15 / Via

She hopse to run fast enough to secure a spot in Rio — pretty high stakes for her first post-pregnancy competition. The personal record she set in May 2015 (4:03.20) is reportedly the third-fastest time in her field.

You can look for her results here.