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The Only Two Moves You Need For A Total-Body Burn

Don't overthink it; all you need is these two moves to work your whole body and sweat all over.

This high-intensity workout burns calories and makes you stronger. And it only has two moves: squat jumps and elevated push-ups.

It was created by Albert Matheny, C.S.C.S., R.D. of Soho Strength Lab and Naked Nutrition and it can be done anywhere, no equipment needed.

Here's how it works:

This workout's format is called a reverse ladder:

1. You start by doing 15 squat jumps, then you do 15 elevated push-ups.

2. Then you do 14 reps of each move.

3. Then 13 of each move, then 12, and so on.

The workout ends with a single squat jump following by a single elevated push-up.

Once the workout is complete you'll have done a total of 120 squat jumps and 120 elevated push-ups.

This is a squat jump:

This is an elevated push-up:

A couple notes

• Be sure to warm up before you jump into the workout; spend a few minutes getting your heart rate up and your muscles feeling loose before you really start pushing yourself. After you workout, cool down with these stretches.

• Remember that good form is crucial for results and also not getting hurt. So, when you feel yourself getting too tired to execute each rep perfectly, be sure to rest — 15 to 30 seconds between movements or in the middle of a set for up to 10 seconds.

• In addition to high-intensity workouts like this one, the key to losing fat is a lower-carb diet. More on that here.

Now go have fun with this workout!