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The Only Two Moves You Need For A Total-Body Burn

Don't overthink it; all you need is these two moves to work your whole body and sweat all over.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

This high-intensity workout burns calories and makes you stronger. And it only has two moves: squat jumps and elevated push-ups.

It was created by Albert Matheny, C.S.C.S., R.D. of Soho Strength Lab and Naked Nutrition and it can be done anywhere, no equipment needed.

Here's how it works:

This workout's format is called a reverse ladder:

1. You start by doing 15 squat jumps, then you do 15 elevated push-ups.

2. Then you do 14 reps of each move.

3. Then 13 of each move, then 12, and so on.

The workout ends with a single squat jump following by a single elevated push-up.

Once the workout is complete you'll have done a total of 120 squat jumps and 120 elevated push-ups.

This is a squat jump:

Sally Tamarkin / BuzzFeed

To learn how to do a perfect squat jump, go here. If this move is too challenging, substitute a regular bodyweight squat instead (learn how to do one here).

This is an elevated push-up:

Sally Tamarkin / BuzzFeed

To learn how to do a perfect push-up, go here. You can do this move off of a table, the arm of a couch, or any other stable surface. Keep in mind that the more horizontal your body is (i.e. the closer to the ground the object you're pushing off of), the more challenging the move will be.

A couple notes

• Be sure to warm up before you jump into the workout; spend a few minutes getting your heart rate up and your muscles feeling loose before you really start pushing yourself. After you workout, cool down with these stretches.

• Remember that good form is crucial for results and also not getting hurt. So, when you feel yourself getting too tired to execute each rep perfectly, be sure to rest — 15 to 30 seconds between movements or in the middle of a set for up to 10 seconds.

• In addition to high-intensity workouts like this one, the key to losing fat is a lower-carb diet. More on that here.

Now go have fun with this workout!