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    16 Red Pandas Who Are Living Their Best Life

    An inspiration to us all.

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    1. This dude, who knows it's okay to take a timeout from life:

    2. This guy who's observing his surroundings from on high:

    3. This little one who knows not to take life so seriously:

    4. This one who knows that snacking between meals is the spice of life:

    5. These friends who alternate between who naps and who keeps watch:

    6. This little lady who's stopping to smell the flowers:

    7. This contemplative youngster:

    8. This fluffy guy relaxing with a midday beverage:

    9. This watchful individual:

    10. These playful buddies:

    11. This reflective snacker:

    12. This snow angel:

    13. This timid gentlemammal:

    14. These BFFs who lunch together:

    15. This pensive little one:

    16. And this guy taking some me time:

    Thumbnail from Thinkstock.

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