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Do These 3 Abs Exercises For A Stronger Core

Abs-olutely a great way to get fitter in less than a half hour a day.

Having a strong core is really good for you.

So we asked a fitness expert to put together a 21-day core-strengthening challenge that takes only about 15 minutes a day.

You can do them first thing in the morning, add them to your current workout, or even squeeze them into your lunch break.

The important thing, Matheny says, is to complete each day's reps with proper form and control. You're not trying to blow through them as quickly as possible; you're trying to maintain stability and form with every single rep. That means you can take rest as you need it, particularly toward the end of the challenge (when you're doing a lot more at once).

Here's your daily schedule:

Got that? Now let's learn the basics...

Here's how to do a candlestick:

It should look like this:

Here's how to do a side plank with knee to elbow:

And it should look like this:

And here's how to do a spiderman plank crunch:

And it should look like this:

Go get 'em!