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19 Symptoms Anyone Who Can't Sleep In Will Relate To

Including a tendency to cover up the truth about your bedtime.

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If you're one of those people who's constitutionally incapable of sleeping until what most people consider a decent hour, you're probably familiar with the following symptoms:

1. Desire to start winding down for bedtime in the late afternoon.

2. Extreme hunger occurring one to two hours before traditional mealtimes.

3. Tendency to cover up the truth about your bedtime.

4. Extreme confusion about scheduling evening plans.

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5. Proneness to bailing on evening plans.

6. Feelings of profound loneliness.

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7. Weekend-specific hunger pangs.

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8. Heightened ability to locate stores that open at 7 a.m.

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9. Increased tendency to post sunrise pics.

10. Delays in communication.

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11. Feelings of isolation from mainstream culture.

12. Refusal to participate in exercise after 6 p.m.

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13. Feelings of superiority.

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14. Likeliness to be passive-aggressive in relationships.

15. Ability wake up on time without the use of an alarm.

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16. Extreme worry you've wasted the day on the off chance you've slept past 9.

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17. Excessive cheerfulness met with hostility.

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18. Inability to relate to anyone who's ever missed an early flight.

19. Profound confidence in the idea that being a morning person is just better.

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