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18 Quick Workouts That'll Help You Exercise Pretty Much Anywhere

So you can squeeze in some exercise even when you're short on time/space/patience etc.

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7. For when you don't have time for strength and cardio:

Tribe Sports / Via

Just turn your half-hour run into a strength-and-cardio sesh. From Tribe Sports.


16. For when you're stuck indoors and want an awesome bodyweight workout:

The Live Fit Girls / Via

I'm not saying you should do this at an airport during your layover but I'm also not saying you shouldn't do that either. Get more info and instructions at The Live Fit Girls.

18. And for when traveling has taken its toll:

Fitwirr / Via

Great for working through discomfort caused by airplane seats, uncomfortable beds, heavy luggage, and family visits. Get more info and instructions from Fitwirr.