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    17 Kinds Of People You'll Recognize If You've Ever Been To Gym

    These are the people in your gym-borhood. Various species of exercisers, caught in their natural habitats.

    1. The Barely-Moving Ellipti-Reader

    Type A Films / Via

    Workout goal(s): improve GPA, crush to-do list

    Post-workout ritual: finals

    Favorite time to work out: reading week

    2. The Gravity-Defying Yogi

    3. The Couple on a Fitness Date

    Workout goal(s): get more quality time with their boo

    Post-workout ritual: sipping a single protein shake from two straws

    Wedding guests, please save the following date: leg day

    4. The Toughest Man You've Ever Seen

    IF If / Via

    Workout goal(s): establish dominance

    Post-workout ritual: wrestle a grizzly bear

    All: blood, sweat. No: tears

    5. The Mansplainer

    Lunamarina / Via

    Workout goal(s): explain to you how you're doing that wrong, little lady

    Post-workout ritual: approaching women mid-workout to tell them they'd be prettier if they smiled

    Catch phrase: "Actually, sweetie..."

    6. The Running Nerd

    Fox Searchlight / Via

    Workout goal(s): improve cardiovascular fitness, train for races, add an "r" to the word "mile"

    Post-workout ritual: post Facebook status that notes number of miles run

    Percentage of leg being shown, irrespective of weather: 92+

    7. The Chronically Unmotivated

    TV Tokyo / Via

    Workout goal(s): stop feeling so guilty about not working out, find a fitness activity they enjoy, prove once and for all they'll never find a workout activity they enjoy

    Post-workout ritual: determining how many hours are left between right now and when they have to work out again

    Favorite workout: N/A

    8. The Makes-It-Look-Effortless Virtuoso

    Dylan Martinez / Reuters

    Workout goal(s): showing how it's done

    Post-workout ritual: getting high-fives, awestruck stares from strangers

    Often seen: winning, not breaking a sweat

    9. The Photo Documentarian

    10. The CrossFitter

    11. The running newbie

    NBC / Via

    Workout goal(s): get in shape, improve cardiovascular fitness, finish the 5K they were pressured into signing up for

    Post-workout ritual: swearing anew to never run again

    Motivational phrase: "Make it stop."

    12. The Creeping Gym Creeper

    New Line Cinema / Via

    Workout goal(s): be surrounded by spandex

    Post-workout ritual: re-applying cologne, asking if you come here often

    Wants to know: if you need a spot

    13. The Mirror-Facing Biceps Curler

    DreamWorks / Via

    Workout goal(s): make sure everyone understands that you can't ban these guns

    Post-workout ritual: flexing

    Motto: swole is the goal

    14. The Injured Stoic Who Never Skips a Workout

    Workout goal(s): never not work out

    Post-workout ritual: Ibuprofen, ice, elevation

    Ask her all about: how to reduce inflammation

    15. The Early Riser

    The WB / Via

    Workout goal(s): get the day started as aggressively as possible

    Post-workout ritual: watching the sun rise

    Cools down from a workout: before you're awake

    16. The quantified selfer

    Race Yourself / Via

    Workout goal(s): to glean critical health info, like average heart rate during workouts performed at sea level when the temperature is above freezing

    Post-workout ritual: uploading, syncing, analyzing

    Workout partner: anything that syncs via the Cloud

    17. The Committed-But-Uncoordinated Cardio Dancer

    NBC / Via Netflix

    Workout goal(s): get in shape while "cutting a rug"

    Post-workout ritual: asking if the instructor can please repeat that sequence more slowly

    Can be seen: going the wrong way

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