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    15 Ways Muslims Can Feel Just A Little More OK Right Now

    When the going gets tough, the tough get into self-care.

    If you're a Muslim in the US or abroad, you might be dealing with intense stress and anxiety right now.

    1. Know that in times of crisis self-care is actually self-preservation.

    2. First things first: Are you eating, sleeping, and drinking water?

    3. Maintaining your routine is really important.

    4. And if that sounds like a ridiculously tall order right now, just take one tiny step.

    5. Think of self-care as an ongoing practice (rather than as a specific activity).

    6. If you're like "lol what are feelings," don't worry, there's a simple mindfulness technique you can use.

    7. Study the history of protest movements.

    8. Be proactive about keeping your social media space as safe as possible.

    9. Spend time with other Muslims.

    10. Also, start a group chat.

    11. If things get really bad, consider getting extra (professional) help.

    12. Definitely shop around for the right therapist.

    13. When it comes to activism, know your limits.

    14. Find ways to be an activist that aren't so labor-intensive.

    15. Identify your well: the place from where you draw joy, strength, or relaxation. And go there often.