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    17 Texts You Should Send To Anyone Who Gets Migraines

    "OMG *now* I get it. Migraines are so much worse than regular headaches."

    1. When the world literally can't get dark enough:

    2. When you need a break from vigilant trigger avoidance:

    3. When you have to miss the zillionth fun night out:

    4. When you're dreading going back to work:

    5. When you just want to feel better without feeling bad in a different way:

    6. When your current bathroom set-up just isn't getting the job done:

    7. When it's obvious this one is going to be a real doozy:

    8. When you're ready to throw a punch:

    9. When you just really, really miss the good things:

    10. When time is slipping through your fingers:

    11. When you just need the weather to freaking cooperate for once:

    12. When your migraine has taken everything from you and you need to refuel:

    13. When you're desperate for a pick-me-up:

    14. When you can only tolerate contact if it's quiet, soft, and cozy:

    15. When you need to put the world on mute:

    16. When shit's getting real but you don't have the energy to drag yourself to the bathroom again:

    17. When you just really need a win:

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