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    23 Things That Happen When You Start Lifting Weights

    Are my biceps in your way?

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. You start to learn the true meaning of post-workout soreness.

    2. Posting pics from that showcase your hardcore workout kind of becomes your thing.

    3. You try to lift everything all the time just beacuse you can.

    4. And friends start looking to you for help with anything that requires lifting or moving.

    "Hey, since you've been lifting so much, help me move this weekend?"

    5. You learn the meaning of the phrase "mind over matter."

    6. The thought of the treadmill is actually hilarious and horrifying.

    Who needs cardio? #lifting #girlswholift #fitness #fitfam

    LOL cardio.

    7. You start to worry that every day you're not lifting, you're losing strength.

    8. Slowly but surely, your social life undergoes a transformation.

    9. And before you know it your wine rack has been repurposed to deal with your growing collection of blender bottles.

    10. It dawns on you that you can't imagine dating someone who doesn't lift.


    11. But tbh the single life is just fine.

    12. You've started to become a morning person.

    13. You still weigh yourself, but only to see how much muscle you're putting on.

    When the number on the scale goes up, that just means #gainz.

    14. Your post-workout selfie game has never been stronger.

    15. And your social media feeds are full of #liftspiration.

    16. You don't think in days of the week, you think in training days.

    17. On lifting days you're hungry AF all the time.

    And it seems like no matter how much you eat, you need more food ASAP.

    18. Your hands start to get calluses, which is gross. And awesome.

    19. And you start wondering if you'll ever be able rock a tee that calls attention to your new hobby.

    20. You don't make fun of weight-dropping gym-grunters anymore. Because you've become one.

    The louder the grunt, the heavier the weight you've moved. True story.

    21. You're find yourself watching videos of people lifting.

    There needs to be a Netflix for lifting vids, amirite?

    22. Eventually you realize that the soreness is actually worth it, because you also always feel like a million (ripped) bucks.

    23. And the best part: You've never felt more confident.

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