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23 Things That Happen When You Start Lifting Weights

Are my biceps in your way?

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1. You start to learn the true meaning of post-workout soreness.

The only thing you know about your quads is that they hurt.

2. Posting pics from that showcase your hardcore workout kind of becomes your thing.

3. You try to lift everything all the time just beacuse you can.

5. You learn the meaning of the phrase "mind over matter."

And that mental toughness is what got you out of the bottom of that squat.

6. The thought of the treadmill is actually hilarious and horrifying.

Who needs cardio? #lifting #girlswholift #fitness #fitfam

LOL cardio.

7. You start to worry that every day you're not lifting, you're losing strength.

Your biceps are actually deflating with each rest day.


8. Slowly but surely, your social life undergoes a transformation.

Everything about your old social life — the hours, the drinking, the crappy food — makes it harder feel good when you're lifting.

9. And before you know it your wine rack has been repurposed to deal with your growing collection of blender bottles.

A blender bottle for home, one for work, one for your backpack, one in the car. You have a system.

11. But tbh the single life is just fine.

12. You've started to become a morning person.

You're so tired from your workout that you crash from exhaustion right after dinner. So, waking up at a time most consider the middle of the night is actually no problem.

14. Your post-workout selfie game has never been stronger.

Pics or the PR didn't happen.

15. And your social media feeds are full of #liftspiration.

16. You don't think in days of the week, you think in training days.

TGIF it's almost #squaturday!

18. Your hands start to get calluses, which is gross. And awesome.

Proof that you're moving iron with your bare hands like a goddamn boss.


23. And the best part: You've never felt more confident.

In fact, you're downright unstoppable.