15 Healthyish Snacks That Will Actually Fill You Up

    Tasty stuff to have on-the-go or prep ahead of time.

    Snacks should be three things: Filling, delicious, and not a time suck.

    1. Cobb Salad Avocado Toast

    2. Blueberry Coconut Greek Yogurt Bowl

    3. Skinny Spinach Dip Cups

    4. Cheese Roll-ups

    5. Clementine Greek Yogurt Parfait

    6. Curry Chicken Salad on Apple Slices

    7. Crispy Snack Edamame

    8. Avocado Chicken Salad

    9. Loaded Turkey Santa Fe Baked Potato Skins

    10. Protein Pack

    11. Make-Ahead Smoothie Freezer Packs

    12. 3-Ingredient Almond Butter Bites

    13. Cheddar Guacamole Cups

    14. Homemade Beef Jerky

    15. 1-Minute Chocolate Protein Pudding