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    Here's What It Actually Takes To Be An Olympic Swimmer

    Basically, swim a lot, weightlift a lot, eat a lot, rest a lot.

    It seems like Olympic swimming sprinters are actually superhuman.

    So, how the heck do they do it?

    For starters, they basically live in the pool.

    And pool workouts are intense AF.

    They also clock serious distance, to the tune of 6 to 12 miles of swimming in a single workout.

    Training outside the pool — aka dry land training — is no joke, either.

    They lift weights, run, do yoga, pilates, you name it. Literally everything they do on land is meant to complement some aspect of their swimming, so typically training outside the pool is coordinated by their swimming coach.

    First of all, they go to town in the weight room.

    And they do lots of other kinds of exercise, too.

    All that training means lots of eating.

    Swimmers also relax as hard as they train.

    Oh, and they recover like champs, too.

    Now that you know how to train, eat, and rest like an Olympian, go get your gold medal!