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    19 Totally Doable Ways To Actually Keep The Weight Off

    For example: Make dessert part of your daily routine.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best tips for maintaining their goal weight after weight loss. Here’s what they said:

    1. Focus on where you are now and how far you've come.

    Instagram: @team_of_meeee / Via

    "Weight loss is a process, and you have to stop fixating on immediate results."

    —Jodie Primus, Facebook

    2. Set some creative food goals that have nothing to do with weight.

    Instagram: @thaifresh / Via

    "I set myself the challenge of eating one vegetarian meal, one vegan meal, and one 'anything' meal each day. Eating outside my usual food routine forces me to consider and plan my meals before I prepare them, while still allowing some room for comfort with the 'anything' meal."


    3. Set one simple health-related goal each month.

    Instagram: @thegainz / Via

    "Things as simple as making sure I ate breakfast in the morning or drank enough water in the day. It made me feel like I was accomplishing something that was contributing to a bigger lifestyle. Lastly, journaling my progress and telling myself I was proud of my body."


    4. Or, each month, focus on two of the following: diet, exercise, and alcohol.

    YumaWear / Via

    "Whatever I'm not focused on, I use as a reward for my hard work. It helps change things up but still stay comfortable. So, one month I work out every day and cut out alcohol, but I'll allow myself to splurge a little in the food department. The next month it's all clean eats and no alcohol, but I'll give myself a few more rest days and maybe have some easier workouts. Then I'll do clean eats and work out every day, but go out more or have a girls night in."


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    5. Eat healthily 80% of the time (and don't feel bad the other 20%).

    Instagram: @toys_xx / Via

    "I follow an 80/20 rule: 80 percent of the time I eat healthy, whole foods that I prepared myself; and 20 percent of the time is real life (I'm on the road or I just want some ice cream). I don't let myself feel bad about those times, and because of that, I don't overdo it."

    —Jillian Emma, Facebook

    6. Don't spiral because of one day of overeating. / Via Instagram: @weightlossjade_2016

    "Don't go bonkers and say, 'Welp, It's over! I tried my best, but there's no point now, since I've already gone deep into this bag of Taco Bell, these Oreos, this coffee ice cream....' Just get up the next day like it never happened. That's the rule that has helped me keep 115 pounds off."

    —Alexa Brewen, Facebook

    7. Put vegetables in EVERYTHING.

    Instagram: @cooking_with_chloe / Via

    "Try spinach in a smoothie, black bean brownies, or add lots of vegetables to your lasagna. Trust won't be able to tell the difference."

    —Kristie Jean, Facebook

    8. Compete with friends or family to stay active.

    Instagram: @stephercize / Via

    "Everyone in my family has Fitbits, so we challenge each other to weekly competitions. It's amazing how you will suddenly find inspiration to go for a 30-minute walk when you are losing by the smallest amount."

    —Kate Stanwick, Facebook

    9. Have a hearty breakfast, a medium-sized lunch, and a light dinner.

    Instagram: @adelanster / Via

    "Healthy snacks in between, one small treat a day, and water!"


    10. Don't let your routine get boring in the name of maintaining your goal weight.

    Instagram: @mizrayvasque2 / Via

    "Try out different types of exercise and find something you enjoy. There are so many different types of exercise, there really is something for everyone. Have a meal or day off — try out that restaurant you've been wanting to try."

    —Flora James, Facebook

    11. Eat slowly and savor your food.

    Watch Cut Video / / Via

    "I focus on eating quality home-cooked food and on taking the time to appreciate and enjoy my meals. Seriously, taking 30 seconds to a minute before I start eating to smell, look, and feel grateful for my meal has really helped me slow down and notice when I'm full."

    —Suleyka Montpetit, Facebook

    12. Make going to the gym basically part of your work day. / Via

    "It has significantly helped me stay on track. Knowing what I'll be doing helps me to better plan which foods to consume that day that will affect my performance later in the gym, which encouraged me to make better food choices."


    13. Or use your workouts to legit train

    Instagram: @roxane_le_corre / Via

    "I usually have a fun activity planned for the weekend and I'll set up my workout to increase my ability for that activity. One weekend I learned how to snowboard, so I focused on core and balance. Each week I have a goal that helps me maintain my weight without getting bored."


    14. Evaluate your progress by how you feel and how your clothes fit.

    Instagram: @thegainz / Via

    "I stoped inspecting every bit of myself in the mirror every day, and judged by how my body felt and how my clothes fit. Eventually I would glance at myself in a full mirror or try on some jeans that I hadn't worn in ages and felt like 'Wow.' Mirrors and weighing scales are a big no-no."


    15. Only "cheat" if you're going to enjoy it and NOT feel guilty about it.

    Instagram: @izzythedood / Via

    —Cristal Ellis, Facebook

    16. Expect some fluctuation with your weight; it's totally normal.

    Instagram: @di.trying / Via

    "If I gain five pounds this holiday season, it's OK, because I can hit the gym harder in the spring. No one's weight stays constant forever, and that's OK."

    —Kathleen Chan, Facebook

    17. Jot down what you eat — and how you feel — in a journal.

    Instagram: @shopdharmacrafts / Via

    "Finding out this can help you understand what's really motivating you to eat: Is it hunger, or is it something else like boredom or stress?"

    Eli Sullivan

    18. When there's an actually really special treat around, go ahead and eat it.

    Instagram: @whyworkshop / Via

    "If it's just a muffin or candy bar or something like that, remind yourself you can have it any time and walk away without feeling deprived."


    19. Or just make dessert a part of your daily routine tbh.

    Instagram: @seepferdchensalat / Via

    "I'll go out of my way to have a reasonable dessert every night that I want one (a few pieces of chocolate, a genuine serving of ice cream or Oreos). It's done wonders for preventing me from feeling guilty about 'slipping up.' Just make it a part of your healthy, everyday routine! It's been far more sustainable for me to actively incorporate these into my diet — it's just another meal that I enjoy that's a part of my routine."


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