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    This Badass Workout Will Help You Survive The Apocalypse

    It just seems like a really good time to get stronger, faster, and more...durable.

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    There's no better time to work out than when the world feels increasingly ~unstable~.

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    You never know when you're going to have to rush the cornucopia, chase a pack of hungry dogs away from your makeshift camp to protect your last ration of beef jerky, or outsmart all the other poor saps who are trying to survive, too.

    That's why we asked fitness expert Albert Matheny of Soho Strength Lab how to prepare your body for if / when the shit hits the fan.

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    He put together a quick — you can do it in 20 minutes! — but killer workout that requires only some space, a pair of dumbbells, and the will to survive against all odds.

    The workout has four moves and each one addresses a key attribute you'll need to survive when shit goes sideways: strength, agility, stamina, and explosiveness.

    Here's how it works:

    Set a timer for 20 minutes.

    Complete the circuit below as many times as you can (with good form!) before the timer stops. Do 5 reps of each move. Rest for 60 seconds between rounds.

    • 5 Dumbbell suitcase deadlift + rows

    • 5 Skater lunges (per side)

    • 5 Lateral bear crawls (per side)

    • 5 Drop squats (per side)

    Here's how each move should look and how to do them:

    1. Dumbbell suitcase deadlift + row

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    Here's how to do it:


    • Engage your core.

    • Keep your back flat and your neck neutral and in line with your spine.

    • Keep your shoulders back and away from your ears as you row.

    • Plant your feet between hip- and shoulder-width apart with your toes pointed forward or very slightly out.

    • Keep your knees in line with your toes.


    • Tilt your head up while rowing.

    • Let your knees cave in during the movement.

    2. Skater lunge

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    • Lunge only as far as you can while maintaining control.

    • Land softly with your weight in your mid-foot (not in your heel or toes).

    • Maintain a flat back and neutral neck.

    • Use your arms for balance.


    • Move so fast that your form fails.

    • Rotate excessively at the hips; you should look forward and slightly down throughout the movement.

    3. Lateral bear crawl

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    • Start with your hands planted directly under your shoulders.

    • Keep your abs engaged.

    • Make a 90-degree angle at the knee and hip joints so that your knees are directly under your hips.

    • Keep the weight in the middle of your palm.


    • Step out too wide, which will cause your knee to angle inward.

    • Drag your hands or toes across the floor.

    4. Drop squat

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    • Land softly with your weight in your mid-foot (not in your heels or your toes).

    • Squeeze your glutes at the top of the jump.

    • Keep your chest up throughout the movement.

    • Touch the ground lightly with your fingertips as you land.


    • Allow your back to round during the movement.

    • Allow your knees to cave in when jumping or landing.

    Keep training, people.

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    Doomsday styling by BuzzFeed senior lifestyle editor Alison Caporimo.

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