18 Things That Sound Ridiculous To Type A People

    What do you mean when you say "go with the flow"?

    1. First of all, oversleeping.

    2. Relying on the alarm or snooze button.

    3. Running late, ever.

    4. Taking it easy, calming down, chilling out.

    This is as calm as it gets, 'kay?

    5. Thinking something will "work itself out."

    Will it though?

    6. Leaving your house with the bed unmade and a few dishes in the sink.

    7. Doing stuff at a leisurely pace even if you have all day.

    8. Calmly going about your work when your desktop LOOKS LIKE THIS.

    9. Being in transit without feeling like it's a giant waste of time.

    10. Letting alerts and notifications pile up before you get around to dealing with them.

    11. Sleeping past 9 a.m. on weekends without feeling like you've lost the entire day.

    12. Being able to enjoy a low-key game night without turning it into an all-out war.

    13. Anything in the vein of "going with the flow" or "seeing where the day takes you."

    14. Getting through life without a calendar or an app (or three) to keep track of your schedule.

    15. Having a sliver of unscheduled time in your day.

    16. Not feeling under the gun no matter how prepared or together you actually are.

    17. Never taking notes or writing lists.

    18. And of course procrastinating.