18 Charts For Better, Healthier Snacking

    Step up your snack game with some quick 'n' easy recipes and ideas.

    1. For when you want to make your own delicious hummus.

    2. For building the perfect meat-and-cheese board.

    3. For when you want to give your sweet tooth a healthy-ish fix.

    4. For knowing which apples are made for snacking.

    5. For when you can't bear to live in a world of boring trail mx.

    6. For when you just need a little something to tide you over.

    7. And for when you want a snack that's small but tasty AF.

    8. For pairing healthy snacks with your Netflix bingeing.

    9. For a granola bar that's superior in flavor and nutritiousness to store-bought kinds.

    10. For making cream cheese entirely more exciting.

    11. For when you want a healthy DIY summer treat.

    12. For mastering the perfect sweet potato fries.

    13. For that four-ingredient energy bar you've been meaning to assemble.

    14. For when you want to snack on delicious, nutritious nuts, but don't want to go overboard calorie-wise.

    15. For making sure you get your fruit.

    16. And speaking of fruit, for knowing when your favorites are at peak deliciousness.

    17. For when you're ready to take your nut-butter love to the next, next level.

    18. For when you need something to stop that endless post-cardio hunger.