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    21 Orgasmic Experiences You Should Try Before You Die

    Mouthgasms, eargasms, eyegasms, you name it.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the things that have caused the most mind-blowing sensory experiences they'd ever had. Here's what they shared.

    1. Plunging into freezing cold water and then into super-hot water.

    Daj / Getty Images

    "While me and my girlfriend were traveling around California we stopped in Carmel and went to this unique spa called the Refuge. They have these hot tub-sized pools, some of them are 30 degrees and some of them are 104 degrees. The idea is to go from hot to cold and cold to hot and then you go lay down for a few minutes and it's supposed to relax your muscles. After I went from the cold to the hot and I'd go lie down it was like my body was in a transfer, I was tingly all over and felt as though I was floating. I've never in my life experienced a state of relaxation quite like that. An out of body experience!"


    2. Listening to the waves in Costa Blanca, Spain.

    "I was studying abroad in Spain and my best friends and I went on a trip one weekend up part of Costa Blanca and we stopped in a small town. We walked down to the beach; it was not a sand beach but a rocky one covered in smooth rocks about the size of a palm. The sound of the waves coming in and then going back out and pulling the stones out with them is still the best thing I've ever heard. It was so lovely I started tearing up a bit. The sound was just incredible."

    —Savannah Gresham, Facebook

    3. Tasting a cherry just picked from a sunbathed tree.

    Instagram: @cherrywinechick / Via

    "Last year I went on holiday with my dad to our family's house in Sicily. My great-uncle grows cherry trees and, naturally, the first thing I did when I got to the house was pluck a cherry straight from the tree. It had been warmed in the sun so the minute I put it in my mouth, it popped and I got deliciously hot, sweet cherry juice on my tongue while overlooking the most beautiful mountains and scenery that Sicily has to offer and, I swear, I've never tasted anything better."

    —Cella Perrone, Facebook

    4. The sound of your voice bouncing through an empty orchestra auditorium.

    Joey Lax-Salinas CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: joeybls

    "My piano teacher was also a music librarian for an entire orchestra. She took me to the stage where the orchestra played. It was beautiful: from the stage, the entire auditorium was shaped like a cello. Finally, she told me to sing and hear the amazing acoustics in the space. I sang a few notes, and it spread through the entire space. The pipe on the organ behind me hummed with me; hearing my own voice and the organ behind me rippling through the space gave me chills."

    —Emily Metcalf, Facebook

    5. Petting a chinchilla.

    Instagram: @adamo_carla / Via

    "Once at my school there was an elective called art farm. One day they brought in a chinchilla and it was soo beautiful. It was a gray-white color with tints of black and a few hairs along the chest that were close to white. The class got to touch it and once my fingers sunk into the fur I swear I didn't want to stop petting that thing. It had the softest, fluffiest fur, and the texture was just amazing. The hairs were basically hugging my hands."


    6. A hot shower with multiple showerheads, all with varying degrees of water pressure.

    Instagram: @danielkoeller / Via

    "The best touch sensory overload I've ever experienced was in this amazing shower that had like five shower heads on each wall facing all different angles towards you, with varying pressures and varying ways the water came out. I set it to that perfect temperature that is *just* before scalding and omg it was the most incredible skin-gasm I've ever felt. Just pure pleasure on every centimeter of my skin."

    —Kelsey Degeneffe-Tarazi, Facebook

    7. Spending sunrise among honeysuckle vines.

    Instagram: @2_ts / Via

    "I used to walk to work in the very early morning (often before the sun came up) down a two-lane, tree-lined street in the suburbs. All along the road were masses of honeysuckle vines. In the spring, the smell was intoxicating."

    —Vickie Elliott Davie, Facebook

    8. Seeing the painting Fighting Temeraire IRL.

    Jonathan Rieke CC BY-NC / Via Flickr: jonathanrieke

    "Turner has always been my favorite artist. His work seems to truly move; his seascapes appear to be tossing and rolling as if you were looking through a window, and not on a canvas. A few years ago, I went to the National Gallery in London to see the Fighting Temeraire for the first time. It was just as ethereal as expected, and all I could do was sit and stare at it for almost half an hour."

    —Rosie Mae Bonser, Facebook

    9. The smell of the trees and plant life in Sequoia National Park.

    Su--May CC BY / Via Flickr: su-may

    "In August 2011 I moved across country and decided to take a route through the Sequoia National Park in California, and the smell of the sequoias, the eucalyptus, and sage combined to a sensory overload (not to mention how pretty it all was), if I could somehow capture the scent of that place in a candle, I'd never burn anything else, it was truly magical."

    —Matt Michaud, Facebook

    10. When your back is cracked perfectly.

    Instagram: @heydiddledarcie / Via

    "My ex used to pick me up from behind and bend me over backwards. The resulting spine crack was an orgasmic sound and feeling that I honestly miss more than the sex (and the sex was pretty good!)."

    —Ruth Jepson, Facebook

    11. Just the right dose of medication for a violently itchy allergic reaction.

    "I once had an allergic reaction to some medication that made me feel like I was itching under my skin. It was such a violent reaction I wanted to scratch my own skin off to get at it. The doctor gave me something to counter the reaction and it felt like someone was pouring soothing water all over me, from the inside. It washed the irritation away as it ran down my body. It was so intensely relieving and pleasant at the same time. Magical."

    —Rachael Darbishire, Facebook

    12. Walking on the velvety sand in Tybee Island, Georgia.

    Instagram: @aniekay88 / Via

    "The sand on Tybee Island was so insanely soft I swear it felt like walking on velvet. I'll never forget it, and how much I didn't want to leave because it was just that good."

    —Morgan Erb, Facbeook

    13. Giving birth aka "the most incredible poop."

    Cameron Whitman / Getty Images

    "Giving birth but specifically the moment your baby comes out. It's the satisfaction of pushing, followed by the most indescribable feeling of relief. It basically feels like the most incredible poop."


    14. An early morning walk through fields of sunflowers and dewy grass.

    Brandon.L CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: brandonluk

    "When I was eight, my family stayed in rural Tuscany for the summer in a house surrounded by fields of massive sunflowers. Early one morning while everyone was still asleep, I snuck out to explore the fields alone — which my parents strictly forbade because of the wild boars in the area. I walked through the fields in the warm morning sun, running my hands along the rubbery green stalks which were still wet with dew — the flowers sat like bright yellow lollipops on top of them, towering a foot or so over my body. I wasn't wearing shoes, and the ground was cool and soft under my feet. It was magical — I felt like a fairy. Getting grounded after I woke up the neighbor's hunting dogs, and then my parents, was totally worth it."

    —Caroline Kee, Facebook

    15. Watching the sunshine and blue sky outside your airplane window.

    John_DL CC BY-ND / Via Flickr: johnlembo

    "I'd always been afraid of flying but have come to love it as I travel more for work. Now my favorite moment in the world is when the plane pops up over the clouds and there is nothing but sunshine and blue. It's amazing. Flying to Denver last month and seeing an amazing orange and red sunrise while above the clouds was truly incredible."

    —Julie Gecox, Facebook

    16. The water, air, and scenery at Iceland's Blue Lagoon.

    "When I was a senior in high school we hosted a foreign exchange student from Iceland. In November 2014, I traveled there to visit her and her boyfriend and their son. One evening they took me to the Blue Lagoon. OH. MY. GOD. It felt like I was dreaming. The water was so warm and blue, the air was so crisp, the landscape was so beautiful. I show people pictures when I tell them about my trip and they always ask the same question — "Is that what it is really like?" I tell them that it's even better than they could ever imagine."

    —Chelsea Sullivan, Facebook

    17. The feeling of "feeling history" at Westminster Abbey.

    Bruce Ingwall CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: 128065801@N08

    "Walking into Westminster Abbey in London, England for the first time. It was so beautiful but I had this moment where I could FEEL history. I've never been able to put into words what it feels like but it was mind blowing. I had never felt it before and never have again. It was the most surreal and amazing feeling. Definitely had tears in my eyes!"


    18. Eating a nutella doughnut on a mountaintop in the snow after a long day of skiing.

    Instagram: @choi__yui / Via

    "[My most mind-blowing sensory experience was] eating a Nutella-flavoured Beaver Tail (Canadian doughnut) at the top of a ski hill in Blue Mountain, Canada with my brother. It had been a really long good day of skiing and it started snowing that picture-perfect kind of snow as we were eating our Beaver Tails, which were also perfectly made and probably tasted 1000 times better because we were at the top of the mountain."


    19. The sights, smells, and feel of a simulated hang glider ride.

    Instagram: @waltdisneymagic1316 / Via

    "The Soarin' Over California ride at Disneyland is a simulated hang glider tour of California, and the engineering and design of the ride blew my mind. The music was sweeping and emotional, the way the film was shot and the air in the room made me feel like I was flying, and you can even smell what you're seeing: a citrus grove, ocean air, pines, etc. It's an amazing experience, and I was surprised how moved I was by it."

    Hannah Katy

    20. Eating a Russian pastry for the first time.

    Instagram: @bonappechubs / Via

    "Over winter break I was on a trip to Seattle with friends. The first tourist spot we hit was Pike Place Market where an incredible smell halted us in our tracks. It was like freshly baking bread with just a hint of sugar, so powerful that we smelled it all down the block and couldn't tell where it was coming from. It was actually coming from Piroshky Piroshky, which had a line 20 people deep. We decided to wait and it was completely worth it. The first Piroshky that I ever ate and smelled was probably the best Piroshky I ever ate and smelled."


    21. Floating in a sensory deprivation tank.

    Instagram: @floatcanmore / Via

    "No sound, no taste, it's pitch black and you're floating in water that doesn't feel like it's there. There's something so eerie about being completely shut off from all forms of outward communication and feeling, and if you can manage to quiet your thoughts as well, it's the ultimate experience. It's where I'm at my most peaceful."


    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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