21 Orgasmic Experiences You Should Try Before You Die

    Mouthgasms, eargasms, eyegasms, you name it.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the things that have caused the most mind-blowing sensory experiences they'd ever had. Here's what they shared.

    1. Plunging into freezing cold water and then into super-hot water.

    2. Listening to the waves in Costa Blanca, Spain.

    3. Tasting a cherry just picked from a sunbathed tree.

    4. The sound of your voice bouncing through an empty orchestra auditorium.

    5. Petting a chinchilla.

    6. A hot shower with multiple showerheads, all with varying degrees of water pressure.

    7. Spending sunrise among honeysuckle vines.

    8. Seeing the painting Fighting Temeraire IRL.

    9. The smell of the trees and plant life in Sequoia National Park.

    10. When your back is cracked perfectly.

    11. Just the right dose of medication for a violently itchy allergic reaction.

    12. Walking on the velvety sand in Tybee Island, Georgia.

    13. Giving birth aka "the most incredible poop."

    14. An early morning walk through fields of sunflowers and dewy grass.

    15. Watching the sunshine and blue sky outside your airplane window.

    16. The water, air, and scenery at Iceland's Blue Lagoon.

    "When I was a senior in high school we hosted a foreign exchange student from Iceland. In November 2014, I traveled there to visit her and her boyfriend and their son. One evening they took me to the Blue Lagoon. OH. MY. GOD. It felt like I was dreaming. The water was so warm and blue, the air was so crisp, the landscape was so beautiful. I show people pictures when I tell them about my trip and they always ask the same question — "Is that what it is really like?" I tell them that it's even better than they could ever imagine."

    —Chelsea Sullivan, Facebook

    17. The feeling of "feeling history" at Westminster Abbey.

    18. Eating a nutella doughnut on a mountaintop in the snow after a long day of skiing.

    19. The sights, smells, and feel of a simulated hang glider ride.

    20. Eating a Russian pastry for the first time.

    21. Floating in a sensory deprivation tank.

    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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