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19 Things That Make Summer Events Less Of A Sweaty Suckfest

Because boob sweat, chafed thighs, and dead phones are very real.

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6. Don't be without individually-wrapped moist towelettes because Porta Potties are a difficult reality.

Let's say there's no toilet paper and the antibacterial gel dispenser is out. Avoid that disaster.

Get a box of 1000 from Amazon for $17.73.


11. Bring snacks that can survive the temperature and legit keep you full when you're drained from the heat.

Sweet Pea's Kitchen. / Via

Trail mix, jerky, dried fruit, energy bars, etc. will all survive a full day in your hot bag.

Get a bunch of recipes for trail mix here.


13. Pack Pedialyte packets to rehydrate without a ton of sugar.

Instagram: @clt25 / Via

Sweating buckets + having some boozy drinks + overpriced festival water can make you feel dehydrated and crappy. Pedialyte will help you rehydrate and is way better for you than a super sugary sports drink.

Get a box of eight packets at Amazon for $8.98.

14. Make some DIY ice packs with a sponge and a zip lock bag.

These are simple to make and will keep your snacks or water nice 'n cold. Or, you can just bring them to rub on the back of your neck to cool you off. As they melt the sponges should absorb the water so you don't have to deal with backpack puddles.

Get the full tutorial here.


17. Prepare for the inevitable sunburn by freezing aloe in an ice cube tray.

Let's say you don't do an amazing job of applying sunscreen (because tbh it turns out most of us don't apply the right amount or often enough). Treating yourself to frozen aloe cubes will cool you down while soothing your poor burned skin. Watch the tutorial here.

19. And swap out your backpack for a fanny pack to reduce back sweat.

A giant, full bag on your back just makes you hotter and your back even sweatier. And yes, they are stylish. Here are a bunch of stylish ones to prove it.