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    24 Things That Will Make You Say "Me At The Gym"

    "I want to be inside you." —your exercise pants

    1. This valiant effort:

    2. This clever workaround:

    3. This terrifying moment:

    4. This example of living your truth:

    5. This honest question:

    6. This eyeroll:

    7. This moment of bonding with your gym crush:

    8. This moment of anger at an intrusive machine:

    9. This brave performance:

    10. This demo of the best way to warm up for a workout:

    11. And this post-workout cooldown:

    12. This unavoidable cost of doing business:

    13. When you try a new group workout class:

    14. This super-effective stretching method:

    15. This poignant surrender:

    16. This invigorating musical moment:

    17. This slow unraveling:

    18. This realistic goal-setting:

    19. This bait and switch:

    20. This chill-free yoga experience:

    21. And this one, too, tbh:

    22. And this running one:

    23. This euphoria:

    24. And this beautiful breakthrough: