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    31 Meal Prep Photos That Are Ridiculously Satisfying

    Sexual orientation: Colorful food in portable containers.

    1. This art exhibit:

    2. This week's worth of food that covers every single food group:

    3. These hearty combos:

    4. This 4,000-calorie-per-day masterpiece:

    5. This autumn-y goodness featuring all the root vegetables:

    6. This beautifully cut, sliced, and cubed collection of fruit:

    7. These vegan mini-feasts:

    8. These perfectly packed nibbles that might be the reason baggies were invented:

    9. This person who gamed the "I bet you can't eat just one" system:

    10. This impressive mason jar tower:

    11. This gorgeous picnic that's almost too pretty to eat:

    tracy benjamin CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: shutterbean


    12. This colorful spread which proves that meal prep and gourmet go hand in hand.

    tracy benjamin CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: shutterbean

    What a spread.

    13. These overnight oat jars:

    14. This week's worth of food that seems to have a little of everything:

    15. This fried rice dish portioned into four meals:

    16. These vibrant salad bowls:

    17. This super symmetrical exhibit:

    18. These shredded beef bowls that seem to go on for infinity:

    19. These packages of healthy goodness waiting to be opened:

    20. These yummy portable lunches:

    21. This magical before and after:

    22. These jars of soon-to-be oatmeal:

    23. This incredibly colorful buffet:

    24. This evidence that making ahead doesn't have to mean making a million of the same thing:

    25. This nifty flip top that will never leave you snackless:

    26. This picture which proves that bell peppers are nature's containers:

    27. This chia seed pudding pyramid:

    28. This colorful array of protein and veggies:

    29. These breakfast sandwiches just ready and waiting to make someone's morning:

    30. These bags of fruit and greens that will become smoothies someday:

    31. And this refrigerator that has never seen a meal that wasn't prepped:

    Happy prepping!

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