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Here’s a Crazy Intense Workout That Will Make You Feel Like a Beast

Burn all of the calories, no equipment needed.

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Burpees challenge your whole body (and your will to live), which means more results in less time.

When we say results, we mean calories burned, strength gained, stamina improved, feelings of godlike invincibility increased, etc. (More on burning calories and fat in a workout here.)

And that's why we asked fitness and nutrition expert Albert Matheny, C.S.C.S., R.D., of Soho Strength Lab and Naked Nutrition to create a burpee-based workout specially for BuzzFeed Life.

In this workout, do each move 10 times in the order it's listed, then move on immediately to the next move without stopping.

At the end, you'll have done 100 burpees (and a whole bunch of other stuff). Tips on how to do the moves below.

And BTW, you can make this workout more beginner-friendly if you need. Just do 5 of each move, instead of 10. (Hey, 50 burpees is still nothing to sneeze at.)

First, choose your level from the three different types of burpees below — beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Keep in mind that good form is crucial for results and also not getting hurt. So you'll want to choose the burpee that you can perform with perfect form even when you're halfway through the workout. If you need pointers, we've included more info on how to do each move below.


Here's a beginner burpee:

Sally Tamarkin / John Gara / BuzzFeed

For this move, you bend over and step your feet backwards into plank position, and then step them forward again to meet your hands. Stand up and jump in the air. That's one beginner burpee.

Here's the intermediate burpee:

Sally Tamarkin / John Gara / BuzzFeed

For this burpee, instead of stepping your feet into plank position and back, you jump them back, and jump them forward. Then jump in the air, and start over.

And here's the advanced burpee:

Sally Tamarkin / John Gara / BuzzFeed

You're jumping your feet back into plank like in the intermediate version, but in this one you do a pushup (or a snake up, like what you see above), before jumping your feet back to your hands. Then jump in the air. That's one advanced burpee.


Here's how to do mountain climbers. When it says you should do 10 mountain climbers, that means 10 on each leg.

Sally Tamarkin / John Gara BuzzFeed

Keep your back flat, and drive your knees toward your chest.


Special thanks to Matheny, who very graciously modeled burpees, a plank with shoulder touches, mountain climbers, and v-ups.

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