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These 31 Pregnant Women Working Out Will Impress The Hell Out Of You

This is what it looks like when you're exercising for two.

1. Question: What do you do when you want to squat but you, like, have a baby inside you?

2. Turns out that if you were already lifting before being pregnant, you can probably do your usual workouts but with lighter weights.

3. And you can modify it to accommodate your belly, changes to your stamina, and how you feel that day.

4. That means you can probably keep up your deadlifts, too.

5. And kettlebell swings.

6. And overhead squats.

7. In fact, prenatal yoga seems to be good for both mom and baby...

8. It turns out that for most people with uncomplicated pregnancies, starting or maintaining an exercise routine while pregnant is encouraged.

9. According to the guidelines of the American Congress of Gynecologists and Obstetricians, you can remain active during pregnancy. Just run it by your doctor and modify exercises as needed.

10. Once you have the all clear you can get back to (relative) #beastmode.

11. Or maybe #beastwithbabyonboardmode.

12. Which maybe means bench pressing.

13. Or running.

14. Maybe some ball slams.

15. Or maybe your baby wants to experience you pushing a weighted prowler.

16. Or just be present while you work on your technique.

17. Or while you casually practice pull-ups.

18. So, why not keep getting stronger?

22. Whether you're at the gym.

23. Or doing a workout at home.

26. Hey, if you can see the barbell just beyond your belly...

27. ...maybe that means you can lift it, too?

28. Not that you have to lift or do cardio. There's always working on flexibility.

29. Or balance.*

31. But anyway, whether you exercise or not, you're already pulling off a pretty damn amazing feat of physicality.*