8 Ways To Challenge Your Anxious Thoughts And Actually Feel Better

    For when you're 100% convinced all hope is lost forever.

    If you're obsessing about worst-case scenarios and feeling convinced that all hope is lost, you might be doing some catastrophic thinking.

    The thing about catastrophic thinking is that you don't even know you're doing it.

    Fortunately, there are ways to break out of this doomsday thought pattern.

    1. First, you have to learn to recognize when you're doing it.

    2. Start calling bullshit on your own thoughts.

    3. But don't tell yourself that you're just being ridiculous.

    4. Do things that usually make you feel grounded and secure.

    5. Take some kind of action, especially if it's altruistic.

    6. Get some fucking sleep.

    7. Don't isolate yourself.

    8. And if you're feeling really stuck, consider reaching out to a pro.